15 Marriage Proposal Ideas You Can Do During Covid-19 Pandemic

marriage proposal ideas

COVID-19 should not stop you from fulfilling your plans, especially if it is as important as a marriage proposal. Many events have already been canceled worldwide just because of the outbreak, and don’t let this special event in your life be one of them.

A marriage proposal is one of the significant events in a couple’s life. You can still pursue your proposal amidst the pandemic for those planning to propose to their partners. Here are 15 ways you can propose to your gal without risking both of your health.

Play a Slideshow
You can pretend that you two are going to a movie date at home, but instead of a movie, you will play a slideshow of your memories together over the years. Show her your most memorable time together that was captured by a camera.

At the end of the slideshow, you can add a slide saying, “Will you marry me?” or you can be on your knees holding a ring the moment the slide is shown. Reminiscing on your memories together is a very romantic activity, making it one of the best home proposals you can put together.

Recreate Her Favorite Travel Destination
Everyone has their favorite travel destination that they desire. If you know your partner’s favorite destination, then you can decorate your home to reflect that specific destination. Focus on things that the destination is known for.

Additionally, cook or order food from that destination’s culture. You can propose after the meal or during dessert time. If you want to impress your girl, hand her a ticket to that destination after the proposal.

Organize a Scavenger Hunt
It is a fun and exciting way to propose to your partner. Wherever the game will take her, make sure that the hunt will lead her to you as you hold the ring. If you want to make it more exciting, you can hide a box with the ring inside somewhere in your house as one of the items she needs to find.

To add more humor to the game, you can add kinky stuff as one of the hidden objects your partner should find. You can find different sex toys at www.bboutique.co and choose what you think will be very useful during your honeymoon.

Pretend to Do A Challenge
Social media challenges are so popular nowadays. There are hundreds of challenges online with millions of participants, and doing a social media challenge would be the best disguise of your real plan.

This idea will work perfectly for couples who love to participate in social media challenges. Ask your partner to join you on a challenge, and little does she know that you will propose to her during the challenge.

Prepare Breakfast in Bed
Marriage proposals do not only take place during dinner, just like what we mostly witnessed. Proposing your partner can happen at any time of the day, including early in the morning when she wakes up.

She will not have any idea what’s about to go down, which makes the proposal more surprising for her. You can write “Marry Me” on top of her waffles and put the box with the ring beside it. Make sure to include her favorite breakfast so that she will enjoy the food as well.

Use Puzzle
You can customize a jigsaw puzzle where it says, “Will you marry me?” or buy a ready-made proposal puzzle and let your partner assemble the puzzle. Once she finishes it and reads the message, you can hand her the box as a prize for successfully assembling the puzzle and unveiling it.

Write a Poem
Nothing beats the classic. Poems are one way to capture a woman’s heart, especially if it is your original piece. It is also a perfect way to show her how you feel and how she means to you. It is like opening up your soul to her, and proposing marriage in this state will make her say yes.

Writing the poem should not be the end of your effort. Instead of handing her the poem, why not read it to hear out loud. Reading the poem yourself will allow you to express your feelings through gestures and facial expressions fully.

Organize a Surprise Party
Although it is a cliche move, throwing a surprise proposal party still does the trick. You can include a few close family and friends in planning for the party. However, only choose those individuals who have a significant role in both of your loves or your relationship.

As of now, it is advised not to invite too much crowd due to the COVID-19 threat. But if you can keep your invites to the minimum, then this could be a great way to propose. This works best for couples who love socializing, and may not work for those who are not into crowds.

Hire a Band To Serenade Her Online
Serenade is one of the most romantic gestures a man can do for her woman. Choose a song that will hint at what was going on but doesn’t give it away entirely. Many bands accept online serenade service, where they sing a song to your partner on behalf of you.

Due to the government’s restrictions as a way to control the spread of the virus, you and your partner can’t witness your favorite band live. Hiring local bands for an online serenade will still be appreciated.

Fill A Room With Balloons
Another way to impress a woman is to fill a whole room with balloons. Aside from chocolates and flowers, balloons are one of the things used in organizing a romantic gesture. Pick a color that she loves and add confetti to make it look more festive.

Separate one balloon and put the note inside saying “Marry Me” and let her pop it. Once she read the message, hand her the ring. Now, after you impress your woman, you will have to wait for her, “Yes.”

Include Your Pet
If your partner loves animals, it is best to involve your pet in the proposal. It is not only romantic, but it is also a cute way to ask for her hand in marriage. You can dress your pet in a fancy outfit and tie the ring to your pet’s collar.

If you want to hand her the ring yourself, you can tie a note to the collar instead and let your pet go to your partner with you following. As she read the note, you can bend on one knee and give her the engagement ring.

Use Ref Magnets
We sometimes use ref magnets to leave a message to other family members, and it can also be done for proposals. Arrange the words “Marry Me” and ask your partner to get something from the fridge. Make sure that you follow close by without her knowing.

The moment she noticed the magnets, you can now give her a ring any way you are comfortable with. It may sound very simple, but women will appreciate the effort and the gesture itself.

Ask Your Kids for Help
If you already have kids, it is a clever decision to let them help you with the proposal. Women will love the idea of involving her babies in this grand gesture. There are so many ways to do this. You can be very creative in making unique proposals or borrow ideas from the internet.

One suggestion is to let the kids wear a proposal t-shirt or let them make a proposal banner. Let them use their creativity and let them design the banner. It can also be the best bonding moment for you and the kids.

Host a Virtual Party
Who says you can’t throw a party during the quarantine? Well, there are ways that you can organize a safe proposal party for your partner. If you want to involve your friends and families, near or far, a virtual proposal party is the best idea.

You can have cocktails and prepare a few foods. Ask your friends also to prepare food or cocktails, and you can eat and drink at the same time while video conferencing. Virtual parties have become a trend, and you can use their popularity to your advantage.

Ask Through Scrabble
If you can propose through puzzles and ref magnets, you can also do it using a scrabble. If you both love to play board games, it should be easy for you to get her to play with you. You can ask a few friends over to play with you, but this is not required.

Always remember to prioritize you and your partner’s health and safety. You can invite a few people during your proposal to help you prepare or witness the most memorable moment of your relationship. But if you still feel uncomfortable around other people because of COVID-19, then it is also possible to enjoy that moment privately.

These proposals may not be what you were originally planned, but you still make this momentous event special. With a little bit of creativity and effort, this simple home proposal will surely turn into a romantic episode.

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