4 Aphrodisiacs That Will Help in Better Sex

Aphrodisiacs are substances that help increase your sexual desire. These have been named after the Greek God of love and sex, Aphrodite. There is a belief in popular culture that if you eat certain food substances you will have a better sexual drive and performance. Now, who doesn’t want to have better sex and if that can be achieved by eating certain kinds of food then it’s better. Here are four varieties of food that are said to be the best aphrodisiacs from nature.

1. Foods that Somewhat Resemble Human Genitalia
Foods that resemble genitalia in their outward appearance are believed to have aphrodisiacal properties. When you think of foods that can be in this category you think of egg, onion, celery, asparagus, okra, ginseng and caviar. You can even include oyster and clams because they are aphrodisiac due to their appearance and texture. Practical knowledge tells you that these do not improve sex because of their appearance but because they contain nutrients that improve your overall health and this improves your sexual prowess.

2. Spicy Foods
Spicy food is considered as an aphrodisiac. It is believed that chili and pepper act like sexual stimulants. Spicy foods contain capsaicin, which is present in chilies and cayenne pepper. They are very hot and cause a physiological response in you when you have them. You feel hot, your heartbeat increases and sometimes you even sweat. These reactions are similar to what you experience during sex and as they cause similar response, these are aphrodisiac.

3. Herbs
Herbs like Yohimbe, found only in India and Africa, are known as aphrodisiacs as they contain nutrients that work on the nerve centers in your spine and stimulate them, helping in penile erection, irrespective of the sexual excitement. Many call it natural Viagra. It can help you in your performance in the bedroom, but are you ready for the side effects like anxiety, paralysis and even hallucination?

4. Chocolate
You must have heard people biting into bars of chocolate and moaning in pleasure. Chocolate has been considered to be an aphrodisiac since a long time. The Aztec Emperor Montezuma was believed to consume large doses of chocolate to improve his sexual desire. Chocolates contain two chemicals. Tryptophan and phenyl ethylamine. The former helps in creating serotonin in our body when we eat chocolate, and this chemical being the same chemical that is created during acts of sexual arousal, gives us a similar feeling while having chocolate. The latter releases amphetamine which makes us enjoy a feeling similar to falling in love.

Although scientists have not yet been able to prove that chocolates or any other products contain aphrodisiacal qualities, the effect they have on some people cannot be denied. It is, therefore, believed that when you consume any aphrodisiac, your body acts psychologically and not physiologically. You are conditioned to feel in a particular way by your brain when you have that food.

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