9 Ways To Tell If A Woman’s Online Dating Profile Is Fake


Whether you’re going online to find a date for the evening, a casual fling or a long-term relationship, avoiding fake dating profiles is essential. It’s not just money fraud you need to beware of but also cat-fishing and promotional leads to other pages. Individuals are increasingly creating fake online profiles for a number of different reasons.

There are people out there who just get a kick out of starting romantic conversations with strangers by pretending to be someone else. But there are also those who want your identity and cash.
How to spot and avoid fake online dating profiles

Everyone stumbles across a fake from time to time but really getting burnt is enough to turn you off online dating forever. However, if you know how to spot the telltale signs a profile is fake you can date online easily without putting yourself at risk.

If you stick with quality sites you won’t have much of a problem, if you are interested in saving some time check out our rankings of the best cougar dating sites on the internet. One of the things we’ve looked for are fake profiles to ensure anything we recommend is a quality site. Regardless, you should know the signs of a fake dating profile as backup.

1) Her photo looks like a sex ad
There are a lot of misadventures that can be had while dating online so you need to keep you guard up. While scrolling through the profile photos you stumble across one that takes your breath away. You see a small heart-shaped face angled up towards the camera, pouting lips, great makeup and a skimpy vest top showing lots of cleavage.

The photo looks like a thousand you’ve seen before – in the pop-up ads you hastily close. But still, she’s so hot you have to take a closer look. Her other photos – if she has any – are just as good. There’s the long, hardly-wearing-anything photo taken in a full-length mirror also a cheeky, turning-around-looking-over-the-shoulder shot.

While there are older women posting these kinds of photos, a style emulating the type of adverts designed to bleed you dry should set alarm bells ringing. Most older women don’t post profiles which look like this and when you see one, we strongly suggest you proceed with caution.

2) The photo/profile mismatch
Have you ever tried to guess someone’s name? Surprisingly, studies show you have more chance of getting it right if you can see the person whose name you’re trying to guess. That’s because we all have a sense of what a Sandra, an Angelina or a Britney looks like. We expect people to match their names. The same is true of dating profiles and their pictures.

The reason a great and authentic profile picture is so important is it communicates quickly to others who we are. So a profile photo of an older woman with a great smile suggests a self-confident and friendly person. So what happens when you start reading her profile text and you get the feeling she’s totally different from her photo?

That’s your instinct kicking in, telling you something is wrong. Even on an online dating site, your gut knows.

Thankfully, scammers are particularly bad at getting these details right. They often copy and paste aspects from other peoples’ dating profiles and use a stolen photo from somewhere totally different. So trust your feelings and give this profile a miss.

3) She sounds like the perfect cougar
This is the hardest clue to pick up on but an important one. If the profile sounds too good to be true there’s a good chance it’s fake. In fact, when it comes to sites specifically built to help younger guys connect with older women there is really only one quality option, check out this review of Cougar Life to find out why.

Scammers and con artists want results and they want them fast. This means they’re often creating a large number of fake accounts and playing the numbers game. They don’t want to waste their time creating a profile no one is interested in for the sake of authenticity. They’re much more likely just to list all the qualities you’ll find ideal.

These scammers have done their market research too and they know what you’re looking for. If the site is specifically a cougar-dating site, a fake profile will gush about how much she loves younger men to the point of sounding suspicious. While this woman might be genuine, she might not.

4) She fits the ‘generic’ scammer’s body type
Online dating sites have provided researchers with a wealth of interesting information over the years. One of the things they can tell us is which men and women are most attractive to other users. This data is readily available and so has become a tool in the scammer’s toolbox too. When they want to attract other users, these ‘generic’ profile models are the ones they use.

In case you’re interested – the most desirable man on a generalized online dating site is 48 years old and is 5-foot-10. However, it’s the generic female you need to be able to recognize.
For your files, on a cougar-dating site she is 40 years old, has brown hair and blue eyes, is 5-foot-6 and weighs 132 pounds. Her body type is ‘average’ or ‘lean’ and her profile photo is a head and shoulders shot showing some cleavage.

5) Her profile includes a link to her Instagram or webpage
Unfortunately, many artists, bloggers and wannabes are using dating sites to generate new followers and potential customers. They do this one of two ways. Either they have a photo in their profile with their web address emblazoned over the top or the link is in the text.

However, some also wait to drop this information in a message, believing it will have more impact. Basically, as soon as you send them a message they reply with a link to their site. While most of these links are harmless, it’s better not to click just in case. Besides, once these spammers learn they won’t get more likes by farming on dating sites, the sooner they’ll stop.

6) She’s “Catholic”
If you don’t think too hard about this fact, it can be hard to work out why this is a red flag. Surely she’s just a good, Christian woman, right? Well, probably not. In a survey of 80,000 banned online dating profiles, 82 percent stated they were Catholic.

However, there are two good reasons why these scammers play the Catholic card. First off, they think it makes them sound trustworthy. They want to appeal to as many people as possible and Catholicism is one of the world’s largest religions. Secondly, they come from countries where the main religion isn’t a Christian one. So rather than not picking any religion, they choose the first Christian one on the list.

7) She’s a widow
While there are plenty of fake dating profiles online, there are also just as many of less than honest people for them to prey on. The saying goes, “you can’t con an honest man”, and while that’s not 100 percent factual, there’s some truth behind it.

Many guys go looking for dates with older women because they want a little bit more than just romance. They’re looking for a financially secure woman to pamper them, buy them nice clothes and take them on vacation. This can certainly be a plus side to dating outside of your age range, but it shouldn’t be your only goal. It also makes you a good target for scammers.

Online dating frauds know what these guys are looking for and they also know the word ‘widow’ makes them think they’ve hot gold. This woman was married and her husband’s dead. She has the house, the cars, possibly the insurance money too – what a catch!

So while genuine guys probably only feel sympathy when they see an older woman is a widow, they can get caught in the same trap. In this case, read deeper into her profile before sending a message, just in case.

8) She got a PhD.
Likewise, most scammers are not embarrassed about inflating their fake person’s academic credentials. Across the globe, high academic achievements are considered desirable and trustworthy and a great way to get your attention.

Ever wondered what it would be like to date a doctor or an engineer? These fake profiles are counting on it. In the same vein, fakers are also likely to state they are self-employed or the CEO or founder of a company you’ve never heard of and can’t find online. Although this second type is more common with catfish scammers than commercial fakes.

9) She’s from Russia or Eastern Europe
Women from Eastern Europe and beyond have a reputation for being tall, beautiful and hard as nails. It’s a very sexy combination and one men in the west are suckers for. We only have to hear the words, “I’m from Russia,” and things start happening. Your scammer knows this too and they are willing to milk it for all it’s worth.

How easy is it to simply put down a fake nationality as Russian and let your imagination do the rest? The answer is, too easy. So proceed with caution at this border crossing.

These are the main dead giveaways an online dating profile could be fake. Of course, not all profiles with these qualities will be bogus. Even one with all of the above points could be genuine, but it’s best to proceed with caution. And if you do get contacted by a scammer, the best thing to do is simply report them as suspicious and then block them.

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