A Humble Salute to “Candid Ass Video Guy”

There are people taking risks in all walks of life. Soldiers on the front lines. Ordinary folks battling for their rights in Communist regimes. Extreme athletes jumping out of planes and off cliffs and over Rosie O’Donnell’s loins to entertain the masses. These folks have more courage and fortitude in their earlobes than you’d find in my entire bloodline.

But today, I want to give a little love to “candid ass video guy.” The guy who carefully arranges his briefcase or backpack or copy of Fast Company to cleverly conceal a tiny video recorder which he then proceeds to wave dangerously close to any female backside he passes.

I gotta hand it to the guy. I love his work. And I appreciate the risks inherent in his line of business (assuming it’s primarily men doing these things). There’s always the threat of being caught, getting pummeled, having expensive video equipment shoved up his own ass.

But still, he’s out there. Every day. At the supermarket. On the subway. In line at Kohl’s. Wherever fine ass congregates and/or bends over gratuitously, he’s there. Hidden camera at the ready. With moves as swift and invasive as any OB-GYN.

Here’s an example of the fine work these people are doing each day. Hooray for them. Hooray for ass. Hooray for America.

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