Action Cam + Yoga Pants + Motorcycle = Magic


Ever since the advent of the action cam, there have been all sorts of fantastic perspectives available to the armchair adventurer. If I ever want to know what it’s like to skateboard down a mountain or leap from a moving blimp, I can experience it all on YouTube through some crazy bastard’s helmet cam without having to risk my own neck.

Still, it’s nice to see that someone has finally put the action cam to its best possible use. And by that, of course I mean mounting it behind the ass of a female passenger on a motorcycle.

This, my friends, is an invention on par with the light bulb, frozen pizza and combustible engine. And if the brains behind these clips isn’t currently working on some way to have these videos beamed to my head instantly, 24 hours a day, then mankind’s just wasting its fucking time on this earth.

Consider your productive day officially over. And you’re welcome.

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