All About the Digits

Alright, I confess. I’m a slave to the “finger smoothie.”

On paper, it’s got to be one of the most cloying “moves” ever devised: Guy traces girl’s lip with his finger. Girl takes said finger into her mouth. Girl fellates said finger.

But in practice — especially when Girl stares into Guy’s eyes while performing this task, ensuring the sort of knee-buckling usually reserved for fellas who work on whaling vessels — it’s a good, good thing. And let’s just say a coupla times I’ve come thisclose to being fitted for a finger cast. In a good way.

Is it just that the allure of a woman sucking on anything [my finger, a popsicle, 2007 tax forms, Harmon Karden stereo receivers, etc.] is as irresistable to me as the siren’s clarion call? Is it the knowledge that what I’m experiencing is a prelude to an actual, bona fide hummer? Is it just that I’m a full-fledged, card-carrying pervert?

Probably that last point. But to those women who employ the finger smoothie as part of a strategic promotional campaign for their blowjob skills, I stand and salute you.

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