All Alone On an Island of Truth

I spend a lot of time travelling on business. And a lot of that time is spent travelling with female coworkers. It therefore goes without saying that a lot of my spare time on these myriad business trips is spent wondering what my female coworkers look like naked.

I’ve worked with a lot of these women for over a decade. And in the office, day in and day out, they fall into a murky grey blur. But on the road, in shady hotel bars and with alcohol flowing through their veins, they become enchantresses. They are like the sea sirens of Greek mythology enticing me with their clarion call.

Back in the office, under the dim hue of a flourescent bulb, Jennie doesn’t typically get much more than an awkward nod from me. But walking behind her up the stairs of a business meeting hotel, I find my eyes drawn to her oversized round ass, tracing the line of her thong and imagining myself grabbing her by the hips, pulling her toward me, and letting my tongue explore her nether regions with the fury and intensity of a young Jacques Cousteau.

Same goes for Linda, the sales associate, who I remain at least fifteen paces behind at the office. But on the road, I’m all up in her grill, hanging on her every booze-stained word. Silently praying she’ll slip me her hotel key in a moment of weakness, and let me have at her with a little tongue madness.

During my most recent trip, I found myself in the hotel bar late night with no less than five female coworkers. Once it became painfully apparent that none of them would be bedding me that evening, I swallowed the last of my beer and excused myself. That’s when one of them, apparently stupefied that I’d walk out on such odds, asked, “You’re going back to your room? To do what?”

That was my “in.” And I almost told them the truth. That I’d spend the next three hours masturbating furiously to the thought of my mouth between their legs, their asses in the air, and my cock and balls, though meager, showing them the darker but ultimately satisfying side to the pale nerd from Marketing.

Alas, it didn’t happen. Instead, I blurted, “I dunno. Probably watch ‘Seinfeld.'”

And with that, I promptly dissolved into thin air before their eyes.

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