Banging Your Coworkers: Never a Good Idea.

It’s the question that every man and woman will ask themselves at one time in their lives: Can I bang my co-worker and not live to regret it?

The answer, as you can imagine, is complicated. And we tackle it in our latest SEX ADVICE FROM ENGLISH MAJORS column at Dig Boston.

Here’s a sample:

There’s a reason your grandfather told you to never fish off the company pier. The old man knew his shit. While figuratively screwing your coworkers can land you in a world of trouble, literally screwing them can reduce your career to ashes faster than being found naked in the office elevator wearing clown make-up and holding an ice-cream scoop. Believe me when I tell you that the risk is far too enormous to even contemplate.

For one thing, there’s the potential for reputation obliteration. Gossip travels fast through corporate rest rooms and cubicles, my friend, and once you start banging your coworkers, you might as well be posting your exploits on Facebook. Do you really want your boss to know your innermost sexual quirks, whether they include doling out drunken rimjobs or dressing up your cock in a tiny pilgrim hat (not as festive as it sounds, trust me)? And how much pull can you expect to have with your colleagues once they learn about your struggles with whiskey dick?

Second, there’s always the chance that, as you’ve painfully discovered, you’ll end up working in the same department. Trust me when I say that nothing makes a Monday morning meeting more awkward than sitting across from a coworker who was munching on your balls a scant 36 hours earlier.

Now go check out the whole column.

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