BLOGGERS ASSEMBLE!: The Sexual Brag Book


Look, people who blog and tweet about sex all day have got to have a few decent tricks up their sleeve when it comes to turning their partner way the fuck on, right? So to get a little more insight, we reached out to a handful of the bloggers we love and asked them to finish this sentence: “THE ONE WEAPON IN MY SEXUAL ARSENAL THAT NEVER CEASES TO AMAZE MY LOVERS IS…”

In my case, I like to think it’s my ability to have a woman sit on my face for hours at a time. As in way past the point where a normal man would have passed out or asked for a bag of plasma. On more than one occasion, a lass has momentarily halted her spasms of passion to check and make sure I wasn’t turning blue. That’s when I simply grab her thighs, pull her back down, and let my tongue get back to work. I am there to do the job, Goddam it, and I attack it with VIGOR.

Here’s what some fellow sex bloggers had to say. The results, as you can see, range from practical to hard-on-inducing to funny. But they are all insanely awesome.

Kendra Holliday: “When I make the first move. I tend to be submissive and let him take the lead, so if I ever flash him, sit on his face, or surprise him with oral sex, he gets so delighted and turned on! He loves a woman who knows what she wants and is confident enough to go for it.”

The great Shannon Hunter: “The things I do with my tongue, the things I do to his tongue.”

The Man Sam Sharpe: “Either my ability to switch positions and transition my partner from missionary to doggie to girl on top to reverse cowgirl and back without, ahem, disengaging or my ability to work my hips when I’m on the bottom. That’s what I’ve been told anyway.”

Katie (whose blog is gone but remains much missed): “My true love of anal sex. Yes. My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard.”

Gina Kerrigan: “My ability to discern the sensory delights and imaginative-play possibilities contained within innocent-looking, everyday household items. What household items, you may ask? I’m afraid I’ll have to insist you do your own lateral thinking–but you might begin by inventorying the condiments in your refrigerator door, considering the implements in your first-aid kit, and rifling through the Rubbermaid bin containing your assortment of Christmas decorations.”

Cameron Frye: “How I suck dick. Now a couple hundred pounds ago (when I was Cameron ‘I would like fries with that’), I would have to used my oral sex skills to get a second date or any sort of interest from a guy. Shocking–a former fatty who enjoys putting things in her mouth. I’m trying to control that side now and not spend a lot of time on my knees on the first date, but old habits die hard and besides, how else am I suppose to thank them?”

Lidia-Anain: “My ability to bring MYSELF to orgasm. Some are surprised that I am unashamed about sharing my personal pathways of pleasure but quickly ‘get’ how erotic self-knowledge can make partnered sex better.”

Ariel: “The fact that I use Raid ant and roach spray to temporarily render him unconscious whilst I dress him up as Tom Hardy’s Bane character from The Dark Knight Rises.”


  1. Suzyn

    December 21, 2012 at 3:49 pm

    Never one to brag, but if there’s a woman in North Carolina who can give a better edging handjob than me, I’d be amazed.

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