How I Can Chat Lustfully with My GF When She Needs it

No matter how many people you’ve dated, you’re never really ready when the time comes for you to date a really horny girl. These are the kind of women who are always begging for sex and it’s never really enough. You have to be ready to go at all hours of the day or night and it takes a lot of work. It may seem like it’s exactly what you want, but once you start putting in all of the efforts that it takes, you’ll be begging for a break. That’s where sexting comes in. If you can manage to get her going when she’s alone, she’s going to be able to take care of herself so you can let yourself recover for a night. You have to keep in mind that sex means something different to women than it does to men. Just look at what Psychology Today has to say about it. Women love to be desired and they love to be shown that desire. That’s why so many of them turn into lusty girlfriends who can never really get enough action from you.

Make it All About Her
No matter how much sex you have with your girlfriend, you’re always going to have to find new ways to make her feel sexy. You also have to be okay with your own body at the same time. That takes a certain level of body positivity that it takes to satisfy a girlfriend like this.

This guy knows all about body positivity and he loves to share his thoughts on the subject. Once you’re okay with showing yourself off, you’ll be able to get your girlfriend to share hers. Being okay with sending off nudes about yourself is the first step to convincing her to send off nudes about herself. The important part is that you take the time to let her know how hot and sexy she really is. That’s what she wants out of you. She’s going to need a reason to keep talking to you in the way that she is. That’s going to require you to be more than happy to see all of the naughty pictures that she’s sending you. Just don’t get upset if she sends you something that really gets dirty. She’s doing it to bring you along the naughty journey with her, not to make you uncomfortable.

Be Ready to Be Vocal
It may not be second nature to you, but having a sexy chat with your girlfriend is going to require you to be very vocal. It’s something that can be extremely awkward at first. Being able to power through it is going to make the difference between a hot chat session and one that doesn’t really go anywhere. You can check out what Bustle has to say about it to get you started. Once you’re able to really tell her what you want and what you like, you’ll be able to get into a chat that leaves you both fully satisfied. Of course, that also means that you have to be able to give her a chance to be just as vocal with you. It might be a little strange to hear all of the filthy things that come out of her mouth at first, but you’ll start enjoying it as soon as you realize how much it’s turning her on. This is time for the both of you to be open about your desires and no one will be able to take away the closeness that comes out of it.

Try it Out with Strangers First
If you’re really new to the idea of a dirty chat then you might want to practice it all first. You can get a feeling for it with someone that you never have to talk to again. It will take all of the pressure off of you to be good. Try a site like Arousr to get your footing at first. There are women from all over the place who love to sext and don’t care who they happen to be doing it with. Follow their lead and let them show you how a good sexting session is really supposed to go between two people. Then you’ll be able to use all of those tricks on your girlfriend to give her a night of passion that she’ll never be able to forget. The more time you spend sexting with her, the happier you’re going to make her. Her libido may be high, but there’s more than one way to take care of it for her. Find a good mix of sex and sexting and you’ll have a fully satisfied girlfriend who never has to tend to her own needs when you’re away.

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