My Dumb Life

  • Man with 132 Pound Nutsack Gets a TV Show, Prompts Me to Sell My TV

    Never mind that bullshit fantasy that AC/DC has been selling us for years; there’s nothing awesome about having big balls. Especially when they’re so big,...

  • What I Do On Saturday

    Me: Can I get one of those? Guy Behind Counter at Dunkin Donuts: This one? The plain stick? Me: Yeah, one, please. Guy Behind Counter...

  • Hey, we made the top 100!

    Thanks to the kind folks at 100 Best Dating Sites, Ken and I have the honor of calling ourselves, “a couple of dating experts on...

  • The Sad Realities of Breakfast

    What I’d like to be having: What I will most likely be having:

  • Brunch Problems

    I can’t be the only guy who feels a twinge of disappointment when he orders a muffaletta and the waitress doesn’t sit on his face.