Clearly We Differ On What Constitutes “A Wonderful Life”


How can they have a film called “It’s a Wonderful Life” in which the action pictured above never happens to the main character? At least not in any version of the film I’ve seen.

That’s no kind of life at all, really. Let alone a “wonderful” life. Hell, if I’m George Bailey, old man Potter can screw me six ways to Sunday, burn down my house and take the goddam Building and Loan right out from under me. So long as I’m waking up to some woman’s ass in my face, grinding me for hours (they called that “breakfast in bed” back in Frank Capra’s day, I believe) until my tongue and jaw literally seize up, then life is pretty fucking awesome.

Anyway, I’ll be drinking all day. Feel free to join me. And happy holidays.

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