Could These Two Men Actually Help Your Sex Life?

I know, I know. These are (hopefully) the last two people you want to think about when you’re thinking about doin’ the nasty. And you wish they’d just shut the hell up and beat the shit out of each other already. But watching the debates the other night, and then reading Tweets/comments about it, I realized that it stirred people up, got them talking, exchanging opinions and ideas, at times with quite the verve. Sometimes these friendly discussions turned into heated debates themselves, occasionally spilling over into loud, uninhibited shouting matches. In other words, things got quite…exciting.

It’s interesting how we as warm-blooded mammals tend to gravitate towards those whose opinions, philosophy, belief systems, etc. closely mirror our own. But perhaps our continued existence on this little planet depends on doing the opposite. I want you, Democrats, to go out and find a Republican, full of pro-life and tax extensions for the 1% and small government written all over him/her, and I want you to fuck the shit outta ’em. Then Republicans, find one of those unbathed, arugula-eating, Wall-Street protesting, Move hippie dippies, give ’em a bath and then proceed to give them the biggest anger fucking of their lives. I swear, reaching across the aisle has never been so much fun.

Ken and Ariel, 2012! – The Fuck-An-Elephant, Fuck-A-Donkey Party.

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