Dating Outside Your Comfort Zone

For me, dating outside my comfort zone generally means someone who has showered in the last 48 hours, who owns more than one dress shirt (that was not purchased at Salvation Army) and has worked for “the man” for more than six months. In a row. And doesn’t own a guitar. Believe it or not, I’m not putting down my “type”. I’m just telling you what the composite sketch looks like.

But anyway, back to the normie. Every so often, I let one of these guys take me out for a spin. The one who has a decent 401(k), wants to be vice president in the next 5 years, who actually want to spend Sunday afternoons going to open houses in wealthy neighborhoods. We go to a place that actually serves food. On little plates. And I have a nice time (believe me, it’s great to reach for your purse and have someone actually stop you) and I enjoy their company. Even when they talk about golf. Or Vegas. But I just get so antsy. And figety. And bored. Gee, I think, you’d make a really great husband and father someday. But…you know the rest.

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