Different Types of Online Slots Games

Online slots have come long way since they were first inspired. The number of reels, gameplays, themes and symbols varies widely; each distinct game is unique on its own merits, but it is important for a player to know what the options are before playing. You can play a range of slot games at Wizard Slots when you sign up today.

3-reel slot games
This is the simplest of all game types and is also referred as single line slot. When slot machines still had a lever, this type was called one-armed bandits. These types of games are the best if you have zero experience, since the ones we will discuss later are complicated and new players usually struggle to understand how they work.

When the player spins the reels there is a random number generator that operates on the background and determines the symbols that will eventually freeze on the screen. As there are less chances to win due to the limited number of potential combinations, the rewards tend to be quite healthy.

Many professional players are exclusively playing this type, due to its simplistic and old-school style.

Video slot game or multiple reel slot
This slot games have at least 5 reels and thus the name 5-reel slots. These games tend to be more diverse in terms of design, graphics, features and game style.

Besides the above, another major difference from the 3-reel slot games is that the number of paylines is much bigger. Although they operate in the same way, with an RNG, they can offer up to 100 different paylines, allowing players to pick amongst a variety of different bet amounts. Further, if a player is lucky and matches the extra feature symbols – there is a large number of bonuses that they can benefit from, such as free spins, multipliers and bonus rounds.

Free Spins
This option is available to online players as a reward when they sign up or when they hit the corresponding symbols on the wheels.

Bonus Slot Games
If a player matches the corresponding symbols, then, a usually interactive game starts that offers much better rewards than the typical rounds. The style of this feature is a determining factor for players when deciding what game they will play.

Multi-level bonus slot game
This is a demanding and risky type of games that requires players to win a round in order to proceed to the next, which always comes with higher rewards. Although it is a popular game amongst slot players, many times they do not get what they expect.

Progressive jackpot slot games
These have nothing to do with games, but they have everything to do with money. A percentage of everything that people spend on a particular slot game, websites or casinos is added to form these jackpots, and many times they reach hundreds of thousands of dollars before someone wins them.

If you are not particularly fond of games, but want to win big instead – then you should play on slot games that offer these. However, keep in mind that you must bet the maximum to qualify for these prizes.

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