Does “Spreading the Wealth” Include F#$k Buddies?

My girlfriend has had this fuck buddy for about 6 months now. Their relationship basically revolves around a couple of neighborhood bars. They met in one, hooked up that night, and now every few weeks or so, if they’re both out on the town, run into each other and it’s last call, they get booty-call-busy. He’s a very good looking guy, a little immature/arrogant/noncommittal, but I guess that’s what makes him a good fuck buddy.

Anyhoo, one night she and I are out drinking and we meet up with FB and some of his friends and we all go back to his place for some beer pong. Then it ends up being just the three of us, and my friend starts talking about leaving. She doesn’t look so good.

“I think I have a migrane coming on and those last 3 lemon drops before we left the bar didn’t help.”

Hey, no problem. I start gathering up my stuff to leave.

“No, no, you stay. I’m just going to call my roommate to pick me up.”


“You should totally stay and have a good time.”

I don’t understand. She’s leaving, therefore I’m leaving. I try to insist.

“Look, he’s totally cute, right? Why don’t you have some fun? I so don’t mind. Hell, I’d join in if I could.”

Now my mind is totally blown. She pats me on the shoulder. “Really, it’s not a big deal. Don’t think, just stay. Have fun.”

So I did.

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