Dog Eats Thong, Basically Becomes My Hero


If you ask me, hunting dogs, bloodhounds and seeing eye dogs have been getting a free ride for too long. So I was pretty stoked to see some ink given to a dog that does something truly useful: eating women’s underwear.

You’ve got to give Buddy the Dog credit; if you’re going to munch on a pink thong, it might as well be one belonging to your hot, 23 year-old, blonde owner who also happens to be a beauty therapist. And not, say, her troubled grandfather.

If he could be taught to fetch them and bring them to me–even better.

Also, as someone who’s ingested his fair share of thongs, I was pleased to see that they spared Buddy the indignity–and discomfort–of passing the rubber waist band by forcing him to barf up the undies.

You move, Lassie.

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