Doing it Boston Public Library Style


If you have not yet seen our latest SEX ADVICE FROM ENGLISH MAJORS over at DigBoston, do take a moment and enlighten yourself. This week’s question deals with… well, I’ll let her tell it:

Dear Ken and Ariel. My boyfriend of five months and I just started sleeping together, and I gotta tell you, the sex is beyond bad. It’s almost comically weird. He makes very odd gestures, like an animal in heat, throwing his head around and thrashing back and forth. He also makes sounds that I can only equate to a sheep bleating. At first I thought it was a joke, but it’s not; that’s how he gets down. I can’t cum if I’m too busy laughing at him. What do I do?

Our response involves the Muppets, Gary Busey and screwing in the BPL. What more do you want for free?

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