The Erogenous Zones of Every Woman


In order to excite a partner, it is enough to study his erogenous zones and stimulate them precisely during this phase. A qualitative and sufficiently long prelude significantly increases the chances of getting an orgasm. Women need something more than banal frictions to reach the peak of real carnal pleasure.

Any man who loves his partner, or just wants to give her physical pleasure, should know about the most active and sensual areas on her body. Alas, most men have really poor knowledge about that. They believe that the bosom is almost the only zone on the woman’s body, massaging which they can greatly turn a girl on. Petting the clit is another inalienable stage in the woman’s excitement, and all the men are talking about that.

It is worthwhile to know that women’s erogenous zones can be located in some other, most unexpected areas. You should pay close attention to the partner’s response to stimulation of certain areas of her body. If you are a man, the following information about the most unexpected and strange erogenous zones of girls will be very useful for you. Try to stimulate the given areas in the bed with your beloved one, and you can be surprised by the effect.

A thin swan’s neck of a woman is as if created for an intimate foreplay. The beautiful necks of Slavic women are one of the reasons why you should marry a Russian girl! And in general, this part of the body is considered to be the most powerful erogenous zone of any person. Try to come to your girl and stand behind her. Put her hair aside and start covering with gentle kisses one, and then the other side of the neck. You can gently bite and suck the skin during this process. But don’t overdo it –here is the exceptionally tender skin, so if you “cross the line”, tomorrow your partner can get “teenage” bruises.

Women’s erogenous zones are also located in the hair! In order to excite your partner, try to play with her hair, and then start touching her head with your fingertips. Slightly massage the scalp, especially near the line of hair growth, temples, and ears. Any gentle touch or pressure overwhelms the senses and releases a flood of endorphins.

The inner part of the woman’s wrists is incredibly sensitive and pliable to caresses. And, unfortunately, few representatives of the stronger sex know about that. Try to massage this area gently in the direction of the heart, using either the pads of the fingers or the open palm. If the situation is intimate, you can touch this area with the tip of the tongue. You will be pleasantly surprised by the stormy reaction of your beloved, and since you are almost guaranteed to be a “pathfinder”, a generous and sweet reward will definitely not keep you waiting.

The inner part of the elbow bend is not less erogenous than the wrists. Try to cover this part of your girl’s body with tender kisses. In fact, this gesture is much more intimate than it may seem on the outside. If you are not in a private setting, just try to use caresses with your hands. Such a massage of erogenous zones will imply ” continuation of the evening.” Kissing and caressing the inside of the elbows, do not use rudeness in no case. Do not bite, pinch or spank this area. Otherwise, you risk getting an irritated partner, and, as a result, the exact opposite result of your efforts.

Another “explosive”, and at the same time a hidden erogenous zone of women is the knees. Namely, the area of the knee bend. Touch it gently with your fingers or a palm. If your lady is not extremely ticklish and does not start to laugh, you can proceed to more persistent actions like kisses and bites.
You should also know that in order to excite a woman, it is worth starting with her feet.

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