Five Reasons Why Poker Is Better Than Sex

Both are going to send us to hell – but there are a few reasons why poker is better than sex.

Drinking, drugs, sex and gambling – what do they all have in common? They’re all under the umbrella of naughty things we shouldn’t be doing, but can one be better than the other? It’s a no brainer as far as poker and sex are concerned, and here are five reasons why.

1. You can do it alone


While we’re not going to go into details about how the latter could also be done alone, the former doesn’t require you to trawl through dating sites online to find somebody, before falling in love, waiting to get married (of course) and finally consummating the relationship. In fact, poker can be easily played online by yourself – the lack of a long term partner is surely one of the best reasons why poker is better than sex!

2. You can win money


Again, let’s not get into an argument about how the former can also gain you money – playing poker online or with friends is an easy way of making a few extra bucks. Of course, you may want to check out some online poker tips if you really want to win big.

3. You can play with all your friends


Two in a bed, three in a bed – it’s all a numbers game isn’t it? The trouble is playing the latter with more than two people inevitably leads to awkwardness, whereas getting your favourite poker buddies round for a few games of cards will not leave you questioning any relationships.

4. You’re not trying to please anybody

Whether you’re a man in a woman, with poker there is no question of lasting too long or not long enough, (while we’re talking ‘long enough – that’s no issue either) nobody is ‘faking it’ and you don’t have to spend hours on filthy websites trying to spice things up. And best off, you can wear what the hell you what – not a crotchless pair of panties in sight.

5. It feels so good!

The trouble with the latter is, sometimes, it doesn’t always feel good. And it takes two of you to make it feel right. With the former, there is always the thrill of winning, the pace, the skills of trying to read your opponents’ poker faces and keep an eye on yours. Poker will, whether you win or not, always leave you feeling satisfied.