Gambling in the Bedroom


Need to spice up your love life? Add some adrenaline in the bedroom?

Gambling could be the answer you are looking for, especially mobile casino sites.

Many long relationships that seem to fade out are due to losing that fire in the bedroom. Why? Because sex becomes a chore and develops in to the same old routine.

Sure, there are the classic ways of trying new things, but this article offers a fresh and exciting new opportunity.

Have you ever been to the casino? Think about how you feel when you get those chips in your hand. The adrenaline of putting down your chips on red, watching the wheel spin round and round until it lands on….


The thrill of winning really gets the blood pumping. You feel excited, happy and wanting more! However, losing doesn’t always feel so good as winning.

Well, what if we told you there’s a way where whether you win or lose when gambling, you still get that blood pumping adrenaline. But rather than just winning or losing money, you get the excitement of satisfying your partner.

Well, here is the perfect game to try with your significant other.

Sexy Slots.

How the game works
First, have two laptops or smartphones available and find an online casino like wizard slots – view a list of new casino slot games. Next, create an account for each of you and deposit an amount that you both agree on.

Before beginning, each of you suggest an idea, position or suggestion that you want to do or try for the first time. Once you have both settled on these proposals, it is time to gamble and have some fun!

Each of you will start at the same time, pulling the virtual slot handle or whatever game you choose. Play for 5-10 minutes (Agree on the time) and once the time is up, whoever has the most money by the end, wins.

Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner
What does the winner get? Well, they get the satisfaction of their agreed upon suggestion. What does the loser get? The excitement of satisfying their partner in new ways while having fun playing these online games.

But wait, what happens if there is a tie? You both win the same amount, or, you both lose all the money you deposited?

The answer is – You both win. Each suggestion must be completed rather than just the one. Although a tie may seem like the best possible outcome, it is much more of a rare occurrence which makes it even more exciting when it happens!

This works perfectly for both parties. By adding some adrenaline and fun from the gambling, we promise that your love life will improve.

Although we don’t recommend this becoming an everyday thing. However, it is perfect for those nights when the kids are away or if you want to bring up new ways to bring that excitement back into the bedroom.

So, light some candles, pour some wine and bring gambling to places it has never been before.

Would you try this?

Let us know!

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