How to Get Dates on Tinder

Dating apps are more popular than ever, but yet, it doesn’t mean it’s easy to get a match. As there are so many people using Tinder, we tend to be very picky, especially girls. Maybe it’s the 21st century, but most of them are still waiting for guys to make the first move. Taking the initiative is an important first step, but there are other things you’ll need to do.

First, you need to choose the pictures for your profile. What you need here is to be honest, while not looking like a poser. While guys think that girls will like them if they are posing shirtless next to a hot car, most of them will ignore you, assuming that you are cheap. It’s great if you have pictures where you look attractive, but put them in a real context. That’s how girls will know that you are a real deal. What you don’t want to do is to publish just a single picture, no matter if it’s the best one you have. You need at least three or four, as girls will want to see you from other angles. As we assume, you also probably skip profiles with only a single pic, as they don’t give you enough information.

When you are swiping on Tinder, you will notice that most of the profiles have their bios empty or have only some famous quotes or basic personal details like a height. That is a chance for you, as you will be a standout if you write something about yourself. What you don’t want to be is formal and leave any personal information. No one cares where exactly you live or in what company you are working. Instead, be funny and different. Write about your favorite Sex Games, what kind of crazy thing you like to do, and what do you offer to your future match? Risk it and be playful, but in a way that your potential date makes a mental picture of you, that is based on reality. It’s one thing to exgather things to be funny, but entirely another if you are blatantly lying. If your goal is to meet your Tinder match in real life, you need to be honest.

It may still take a while before you get a match, and once that happens, the most important thing to do is to start the conversation the right way. The worst thing to do is to ask something obvious. While it’s polite in real life to ask, “Hi, how are you?” or “What are you doing,” on Tinder, that will signal your potential date that you are boring, you’ll need to be creative, so base it on her info and pictures. Tinder is not instant fun like Free Adult Games, but with a bit of effort, you will catch your potential date’s attention. You can even write something crazy, just to make her curiosity. Good luck with your efforts!

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