Greece Named World’s Horniest Country. America, We’ve Got Work to Do.


Because somebody had to, Ask Men has compiled a list of the world’s horniest countries. Greece tops the list, with Brazil and Russia rounding out the top three.

This tells me two things. First, America, we’ve got some fucking work to do.

Second, China, which came in at number four, totally got rooked. I mean, this is the country that once opened a goddam Sex Disneyland complete with oversized, thong-clad female hips and legs to greet visitors as they drove in. See that photo above? That’s not a shot of stagehands packing up after a Motley Crue concert. That’s an actual thing that was in an actual country. Outdoors. For the people.

Of course, Communism kills all good things, and eventually it was shut down. But the very fact that it ever existed should secure China first place in any “world’s horniest” contest, forever.

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