Guest Post: How Can You End a Relationship Early?

You get nervous in approaching and talking to women. So what? Ever been in a situation where you want to break up with a woman just after a few dates? I tell you it’s a lot worse.

Blowing off, sounds bad. Doesn’t it? But let’s accept it here, sometimes blowing off, or to put it in a mellow manner, ending a relationship early is a necessary evil that will benefit both you and your partner immensely. But how should you do it?

How can you say ‘no, we are done with’ to the woman whom you have been seeing for the last few weeks? Yes, it is difficult, but surely it is not impossible. You will need to muster the courage and ensure that you are being honest and truthful to your partner while breaking this piece of news to her. In case you are in dilemma, you can always read on and find out about the ways in which you can get this done:

1. Being Sensitive

In case you are planning to pull off a completely vanishing and silence act in order to get through the awkward breaking up with your potential partner, then you are on the highway to mistakes galore! You will need to sympathize with the other person in this situation and be sensitive to her feelings and emotions when you are doing so. This is why it is recommended that you don’t take any drastic step of alienating her from you when you are trying to convey the message to her that you will like to end the proceedings with her. This way you can be honest to yourself and her in the process and thus avoid any further complications regarding the same.

2. Think About Yourself

When you are about to pull of the slowly fade pout from her act in order to break up proceedings with her, the first thing that you must do is think about yourself in the receiving end of a similar situation and assess how would you be feeling about it had it been you in place of her. Once you have played this scenario through your mind you will be better able to visualize the point that is being put forward here and consider better and less drastic ways to stop proceedings with her. This will ensure that neither party gets hurt in the process and there are no hard feelings left between the two of you which might give rise to problems later on in your lives.

3. Future Benefits

When you end a relationship with class and a hint of respect towards whatever was there between the two of you and towards the woman in question, you can rest assured that you will carry with yourself a positive feedback. The girl in question, by virtue of the fact that she doesn’t hold any grudges against you, will have a good word for you when she comes across her friends or your future prospective partners. This will increase your chances of getting back into the game right away and also establish a good guy reputation!

Remember these 3 tips and aspects of breaking up with a woman after a few dates in mind and you will soon find it to be a walk in the park.

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  1. Jeremy

    December 19, 2012 at 3:43 pm

    I’ve know a lot of folks where the affair looked like to reach break-up point whilst on holiday. One couple I was familiar with walked away engaged and returned back not even communicating in one instance and it was all over. Though it was not a domestic scenario, the resort break was the first time they had shared staying with one another, even for a while. Other folks I knew established that a different set of conditions to the daily routine exposed fundamental weak spots in their relationship which then evolved into a reason to part. Forking out lots of time collectively, the presence of liquor, and the gaps swiftly begun to emerge.

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