How to Get Adult Nudes on Snapchat: 5 Top Tips

The wonderful world of Snapchat has opened up endless possibilities when it comes to online dating. The main purpose of the app is that users can share videos and photos. Once these media files are viewed, they disappear into the cloud without a trace.

Photo disappearing acts have made sexting much more interesting. Adult Snapchat users are much more comfortable sharing intimate photos of themselves to complete strangers. Why? Because there won’t be any evidence left. No photo remains that can haunt them somewhere in their bright future.

This doesn’t mean that nude selfies fall from the sky. You still have to use some skills when you want an adult love interest to send you something risque. Here are 5 tips that you can follow that will guarantee you a nude pic soon.

1. Look in All the Right Places
When you are out on the hunt for some nudes, you shouldn’t be looking in the wrong places. Track down adult women on hookup sites who are also looking for some curious fun. No need to waste your time on serious dating sites.

Once you’ve spotted someone that you really find attractive. Start a friendly conversation. When it seems like they are really into you as well. You can move the chat to another platform. Invite them to Snapchat for some picture fun.

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2. Time of Day Comes in To Play
Listen to what she is saying. If she is out with friends, or amongst co-workers. Don’t request a nude. This shows your immaturity and even worse – desperation.

Make sure that she is in a comfortable and relaxed area of her own home, where she feels good. Initiate sexting when she is taking a warm bath or when she is getting ready for bed. Women needs to feel good, relaxed, and confident in order for them to share their body with you.

If she is more adventurous you can get creative with your nudey requests. Perhaps you can challenge her to send you a nude in her favorite spot in the city, or somewhere in nature. Keep it playful, rather than creepy.

3. Promise One in Return
“Tit for tat” is the name of the selfie nude game. If she sends you one, you have to send one in return. This doesn’t mean that you have to start with the complete Full Monty. Give her a sneak peak of your behind, abdomen, or torso.

Gradually moving towards a full-blown nude is just like virtual foreplay. It can really get both of your blood rushing and result in excellent online sexting.

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4. Don’t Be Explicit and Impatient
The biggest turn off for any adult woman is when you start a conversation with “Send nudes!” This is highly unattractive. Even worse when you follow that sentence with eggplant and peach emojis. Even though you are after some eye candy, you don’t have to be so upfront about it. Getting vulgar and disrespecting her features is the first step to getting blocked.

Patience is key, especially with some women. You can only get the goods, once you’ve put some work into it.

Even if both parties know exactly what the conversation is going to lead to, it’s important that you still make them feel as if they are the only person you want to talk to.

5. Compliment
If you want to keep getting nudes from the same woman. You have to compliment her on her body. Especially if it’s a woman that’s a little bit shy, she is going to need some motivation to send you something a bit riskier.

Flattering compliments is all you need to know about how to get nudes on Snapchat. If you make them feel gorgeously confident, they are definitely going to reciprocate your request. Be a gentleman and don’t ghost after they’ve sent you what you want. You never know where this relationship might lead in the future.

In the end it’s the other person’s decision, whether they want to give you a peek at their naked body or not. Don’t pester someone who doesn’t want to send you nudes – it’s not cool.

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