What is the Impact of the Culture of the Family on the Lives of Young Strippers?

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The stripper population constitutes a majority of the total population of the world. Since the 1950s the incoming flows of immigrants have profoundly changed the social composition of the dominant societies of the world. As a result, the first stripper societies have become increasingly multicultural. This article focuses exclusively on the factors that create pressures on the lives of the young strippers to maintain family honor.

In addition to that this article also analyses how these constraints have an impact on the identity and lifestyle choices of the young stripper population in the world. It is evident that as the young stripper population negotiate the environment of higher education and employment, they develop new gender identities that significantly shape their attitude towards maintaining family honor.

Education as a deciding cultural factor that has an impact on the lives of strippers
The educated group of people who belong to the stripper community express greater independence than their counterparts who live in their native land. The reason for this is because they can navigate various options of life that include educational paths and paid employment careers.

The aspect of westernization in the families of strippers
However, the crucial issue that is being investigated are the possible impacts of westernisation in the family lives of the stripper population around the world. With the advent of globalisation, many of the young people from stripper communities are migrating to developed nations in pursuit of more excellent employment opportunities.

The role of social stigmas
It is also worth noting that in underdeveloped countries, the strippers have to face a lot of stigmas. This can also be the reason behind their migration to developed countries.

Why have cultural factors become an issue now?
A majority of the younger population from the stripper communities conflict with the wishes and desires of their families. It is so because the reason for this conflict stems from their unwillingness to comply with their guidance on how to maintain a better lifestyle.

The role of cultural differences
The western culture has a direct impact on the mindset of these young people, and occasionally it is observed that they dishonor their family’s ethics and values. Also many adopt the western lifestyle which has a severe impact on their identities.

The notion of freedom and independence in lives of strippers

It is interesting to note that the young population from stripper communities usually express a greater freedom and independence which are in many cases at loggerheads with the wishes and desires of their families.

Going against the wishes of their families
It has become a standard trend nowadays for the younger people to go against the wishes and desires of the family and adopt their lifestyle. Hence, it has an impact on the identity and lifestyle of the younger population of Newcastle Strippers communities.

Family dishonor a common trend among stripper communities
There appears to be growing instances that depict the prevailing trend for marrying against the wishes of the families in case of the younger immigrant population of stripper communities in developed countries. Moreover, the violation of various ethno-religious aspects by the younger people has given rise to claims of identity crisis and family dishonor.

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