In Praise of Fridays

Today is casual dress day at my office. Or, as I like to think of it, the one day of the week in which every woman in the building — from the twentysomething admins to the fiftysomething MILFs in accounting — will be wedging her derriere into the tightest pair of jeans and/or pants and/or skirt imaginable.

Why? Because Friday is the day to shun the establishment and exchange those tight business suits for, er, ridiculously tight pants. Also, I like to think that deep down, some of them enjoy being ogled by relatively harmless creeps like me.

So today, to all of you women who will be celebrating casual day by selecting a pair of jeans that shows off what your mama gave you, I stand in salute. Thank you for the contributions you make to keeping my mind off the job at hand, one leg at a time.

[ALSO: Yes, I see the irony in posting this just a few days after patting myself on the back for not staring at a woman’s ass. But it’s Friday. So just roll with me. Thanks.]

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