Is Instabang a Scam?

Online dating is a great way to find interesting people whom you can be in a relationship with or whom you can do one night stands. Read more about online dating in this link here. For people who are not looking for long-term relationships, there are sites where they can find people for a weekend of fun and no strings attached.

Join sites where you can get a good experience, meet a lot of men and women, look for casual encounters and get your money’s worth. It’s easy as it sounds. However, be careful when you do online dating since a lot of people can sign up without the need to prove their identity. Here are ways on how you can do online dating safely.

Things to Do
1. Register Only on Legit Sites

Some people are asking in forums if sites such as Instabang are scams. The answer is no. They are very legit and they can find your match in no time. You can check the site’s legitimacy through its customer service, reviews about it, and the way it was set up. For adult online dating, you can check the Instabang review page to know more information about how the site works, how to sign up, and whether other people had results.

Some sites do not have a large network of users. Avoid those as they won’t be able to find you a match that is convenient and who has the same hobby as you. Instead, choose a site that has been operating for a long time and has a large number of real users. This way, you can get your money’s worth in no time.

2. Don’t Be Too Eager
There are a lot of harassers and scammers out there. Before deciding to meet with them, chat and talk to them on the phone first. You should know signs whenever you are talking to a bot or someone who is just trolling you. If you are chatting with someone who wants to move things too quickly and wanted to meet you the next day, be cautious and trust your intuition. You should make sure that you are not meeting with a serial killer or someone who is just after your money.

If you are just looking to meet for casual sex, know that you should use protection. You will never know if a person has HIV since they won’t tell you and it’s sometimes awkward to ask. You can be upfront but if they give you vague answers, bring protection just in case so that you will be on the safe side. If they don’t want protection, then don’t have sex with them. Find others where you can be safe while enjoying the experience at the same time.

3. Do Not Drink Too Much
When meeting up, you and your date might decide to get some drinks to loosen up and get comfortable. However, drinking too much is not acceptable. You might forget that you don’t know the person in front of you. You might puke at them or get nasty which will trigger negative vibes. Drinking moderately can get you talking and getting down to business real quick. However, heavy drinking can make you divulge your entire life story which your date does not have any business of knowing in the first place.

Staying sober can make your performance in bed better. You can also make sound decisions such as making sure that you are protected before having sex with a person that you have just met. When you are a guy and the girl that you are dating is too drunk, never take advantage of her. You might find yourself getting accused of being a rapist if you have sex with her without her consent.

4. Don’t Be Clingy
Be clear with your intentions before you date. After the first successful encounter, do not be too clingy. It can be very annoying for the other person if you keep chatting, calling or visiting them. You don’t have to remind them about how sweet the night was or how good they were in bed. This is a very annoying habit which will make your date avoid you like the plague. Be sure to do what you have agreed from the start. If both of you say that there will be no strings attached afterward, then there’s no point calling them or sending them good morning texts.

If both of you decided to meet again to get laid, then learn not to step on boundaries. Keep your feelings to yourself unless you feel that the other party will accept them. After sex, it would be great if you don’t linger. Whoever wakes up first should go and leave in the morning. If you got laid in your house, you can offer coffee and call a cab as soon as possible. There should be no talk about family photos and other private information about you with your play partner.
Other Things to Remember

If your intuition says that you are chatting with the wrong person, then stop communicating with them. When the one night stand is over, offer your play partner a snack, or water if he or she is in your place. Know more about one night stands in this site: Make him or her comfortable but set expectations that the encounters are purely for pleasure and you are not looking for romance. Do not be rude and treat them like a piece of trash as others can do the same to you.

When you are into casual relationships, find a legit website that can meet your needs. There are lots of adult dating websites but find one that can give you your money’s worth. Be safe and know at least some basic information about your date. Don’t be too drunk when you are in the company of someone you’ve just met. Be courteous and respectful at all times so that your date will have a positive impression of you. Lastly, learn to know your boundaries from the start to prevent problems later on.

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