It’s Good to Be The King… of Ass: An Interview with Glenn King

Best. Job. Ever.

So I’ve declared it “Ass Week” here at the site–mainly because, first of all, why not, and secondly because I have the east coast advantage over Ariel, so I’m up posting and declaring things while she’s still fumbling around trying to find her shoes in some dude’s LA apartment.

Anyway, to kick things off: some of you may have noticed my, er, preoccupation with the female derriere. While for me it is simply a religion, I’ve always been envious of and fascinated by those folks who have transformed their backside love into a career. A f$%king awesome example is Glenn King, who, as founder and Head Assman In Charge of the facesitting and ass-smothering site MeanWorld and host of the MeanBitches radio show on SiriusXM, gets paid to watch some of the hottest goddam women on the planet smothering hapless dudes with their asses.

Here’s the difference between me and Glenn: On a bad day at the office for me, my boss buries me in detailed product reports that need to be translated into language that normal people can understand. On a bad day at the office for Glenn, female porn stars sit on his face to the point that he has to beg for air.

No, it’s just not fair. But rather than shake my fists to the heavens and curse God, I figgered I’d reach out to Glenn to find out how he built his empire and possibly get enough intel to start my own facesitting film company. Or at the very least, seem pathetic enough to him that he offered me a gig as “victim number 5” in an upcoming vid.

Ken: So how did you start MeanWorld? Was it something you set out to do or did it just kind of come together?

Glenn: I moved to California in 2002 with no intention of going near the Adult Industry. I had worked for several Fortune 500 companies and had been an entrepreneur during the dot com years of the late ’90s and just wanted to do something in the Entertainment industry. When I got here, I bought part of a casting company and started a web design company. To make a long story short, a girl I met through my casting company wanted me to do an adult website for her. I tried to say no, but she was a tall, gorgeous blonde with big breasts and was extremely persuasive. I asked her for something we could do to make the site unique and she told me about some Femdom Videos she had made. And so, we made her Miss Crystal, Queen of Ass Worship, and created (now owned by someone else). Within a few months, her site was making more than all my other businesses combined so I expanded the idea to have multiple Mistresses. That’s how came to be. We soon expanded into DVDs, more websites, and now a radio show on SiriusXM 103!

Ken: In addition to your films you also have the Sirius show… can you give us an example of a typical day in your life as CEO of MeanWorld?

Glenn: Well I’m the CEO but I’m also the maid, the cook, and the chief bottle washer here. In other words, I do almost everything. So most of my days are spent doing website updates, accounting, customer support, video editing, DVD creation, and preparation for the MeanBitches Show. But some days aren’t so boring. Especially when I’m judging an Ass-off on the MeanBitches Show or being face-smothered as part of a role-play on the show.

Ken: Speaking of that, where do you find the women who perform in your vids? More importantly, where do you find the “victims”? And how can I apply for that position?

Glenn: These days, I get all my new Mistresses from the Sirius show. Girls either hear about us and tweet me asking to come on the show, or their agent sends them to us. Then they come on and do roleplays and facesitting on the show and I book the best ones for scenes. As far as the guys go, we have a group of 5-6 guys who have been with us for years. We aren’t really looking for any new guys.

Ken: Dammit. Anyway, what’s the best part of your job? Besides having some ridiculously hot women show your their asses and get paid for it?

Glenn: The best part of my job is the complete freedom I have. I set my own hours, set my own priorities, make strategic decisions based on my own instincts, and generally get to live a life outside the constraints of normal society. Also, I get to be around ridiculously hot women who show me their asses while I get paid for it. If you want to see the BEST part of my job, check out my blog pics from the radio show.

Ken: I can’t stress how awesome the radio show gig is, especially since each episode is basically hot women coming into the studio and sitting on your face and having you judge them on “ass smotherability” and other key talents. On the subject of your videos, if I had never purchased one before but wanted to, where would you suggest I start? Which title would you recommend?

Glenn: I think our videos get better with each one… we are always looking to improve in some way. Our newest DVD “Femdom Ass Worship 16” stars Aiden Starr and Ariella Ferrera, Courtney Taylor, Bella Reese. I’d start right there. You will find lots of incredible facesitting, ass worship, and foot worship!

Ken: Last question: Can we switch jobs? Please?

Glenn: [laughs.] I guess that depends on your job. Are you the TV Color Commentator for the Texas Rangers?

Ken: Sadly, no.

Glenn: Then I have to pass.


  1. Allen

    September 3, 2012 at 1:48 pm

    To think that people are gettin’ paid to make facesitting videos with the likes of the great Kelly Divine while I work in a dark bank office is dispiriting. Lucky dude.

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