James Bond, a Modern Day Guide


James Bond is a zeitgeist for sophistication and coolness, there is no one that you would think of first when asked to provide an example of a classy British gentleman; throughout the eras Bond has maintained his suave mystique whilst adapting it to modern times and fashions. Whilst the times have changed, James Bond fundamentally hasn’t.

Bond has always been at the forefront of subtle men’s fashion, with his understated and elegant suits making him look like he has class. It is possible to get yourself the designer look for slightly less by visiting outlet stores, eBay has many online outlets for retailers to sell discounted items that are damaged or previous display models. Other high street fashion retailers are also trying to offer the look of an expensive suit that fits someone on a budget, shops such as H&M and Top Man are perfect places to look for clothing and accessories.

Bond is famous for his Martini, shaken not stirred. Not so much of a popular drink nowadays however, there is some clever product placement in Spectre where you can see Belvedere Vodka being used to prepare Mr Bond’s Martini, is this what the 2000’s Bonds preferred spirit is over gin?

In his spare time (when he wasn’t out working deadly missions) Bond could often be found relaxing in a casino, playing some card games like those available at Cad.SpinPalace.com, most notably enjoying many games of Baccarat why not give it a go yourself? I can imagine that our modern day bond would be sat in his hotel room with a glass of prosecco, whilst playing a game of Baccarat on his phone. He was always surrounded by beautiful women in a haze of cigarette and cigar smoke at the card table, in the casino. Due to the smoking ban you may find yourself surrounded by a cloud of vapour from the other player’s e-cigarettes rather than a multitude of rich men smoking cigars. He also took pride in his vehicles, most famously driving an Aston Martin DB5, but Mr Bond had a very serious collection of classic cars from Alfa Romeos to Bentleys.

Mr Bond was always very popular with the ladies, his mysterious and macho behaviour made women flock to him, most famously Ursula Andress in Dr No, however we never see Bond in a serious relationship, just a string of flings.

James Bond has subconsciously been a role model for several generations of men, he has created this image of what an intelligent, modern and independent man should be, and has evolved this ideal throughout the years by adapting to modern fashions and lifestyle changes. While you may not have the money to fund the lifestyle that James Bond has, there are ways to maintain a social life on a budget, such as setting limits when playing card games or when visiting the bar with your friends.

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