The Joy of Sex… Outdoors


Sex in bed becomes pretty tame after a while, and if you are in a relationship, there will probably come a point when the sight of your partner stripping off and climbing into bed just doesn’t do it for you anymore. If this has happened to you and your sex life is feeling a bit stale and boring, now is a good time to look at trying some outdoor fun. But before you get your kit off in the local park, here are a few tips to ensure you don’t end up getting arrested.

Choose a Suitable Time
There is no right or wrong time of day for outdoor sex, but nervous types might prefer to schedule their outdoor sex sessions when it’s dark and there are less people around. This is especially true if you fancy getting it on in a public place, such as a bus shelter or side street. But if the mood strikes and you happen to be somewhere relatively secluded, don’t let the thought of being spied upon put you off.

Pick the Right Location
Location is a matter of personal taste. Some people have a penchant for sex in the Great Outdoors whereas other like the risk factor to be high and therefore a crowded public place is more their style. If you do decide to have fun in a public place, remember that there are now CCTV cameras on most street corners, so you will probably have an audience. If this bothers you, stick to places where there are either very few people around or it is dark enough to disguise what’s going on.

Dress for the Occasion
The more clothes you wear, the harder it will be to get naked; or at the very least, sufficiently naked to do anything naughty. For best results, wear front opening garments and no underwear. That way you can make yourself decent if you end up coitus interruptus. For men this is relatively easy: all they have to do is unzip. For a woman, it is a bit harder, but wearing a skirt or button down dress affords easy access under most circumstances.

Voyeurism is Fun
If the idea of being watched while you get down and dirty sends a delicious thrill of anticipation down your neck, suggest to your partner that you go somewhere public to make out. This could be a park bench at twilight or even a bus shelter after hours. Basically anywhere other people are likely to be hanging out is a good prospect. Obviously this is a risky proposition for you might get busted, but as long as you don’t make it too obvious, you should be OK.

Other Ways to Spice Things Up
Not everyone has the nerve to try outdoor sex. For one thing the weather is not always suitable and for another, indignant wildlife can be a serious downer on erotic activity outdoors. So if you don’t fancy this, book a massage in Montreal instead. The scenery is attractive and the experience is guaranteed to be pleasurable, which is the whole point of the exercise after all.

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