Kate Upton = World’s Hottest Drinking Buddy


I’m over a week late on this one, but it took me that long to digest the total awesomeness of Kate Upton’s recent appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, in which she totally destroyed Jimmy in a game of flip cup. For someone who, as Kate professes, “never went to college,” she is surprisingly adept at the game. Just watch her flip those cups like Rain Man solving math, finishing her row then moving on and doing half of Jimmy’s.

And all of it while wearing a fucking stunning red dress that, from a certain angle, makes it look like she’s wearing a giant thong:


Seriously, the only way this clip could be any better would be if she downed the last beer, fired the cup off QuestLove’s fro, then screamed, “Now, which one of you motherfuckers is gonna eat my pussy?” to no one in particular.

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