Kelly Divine Inspires Voters Better Than Our Last Ten Presidents

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I’ve seen lots of porn stars reach out to fans via Twitter in attempts to gain votes for various online competitions. But I have yet to see the gauntlet thrown down the way Kelly Divine has thrown it.

Divine, whose ass is one of the eight wonders of the universe and who has starred in such films as Buttwoman, is in the running for “Most Heroic Ass” at The Fannies. Which is kinda like the Grammys but, y’know, for fucking.

Rather than simply request that her fans support her, Divine says that if she wins, she’ll have sex with one of her Twitter followers. People, this is the Nobel Prize of Twitter ideas.

The one caveat is that the fucking is going to be posted online for the world to see and be jealous of. Which I imagine instantly discounts priests, politicians, most married guys (I said “most” not “all”) and/or anyone who doesn’t necessarily want the world to watch them screwing.

But so what. It’s a fucking genius idea. In fact just the kind of thing Bradley Cooper probably should have embraced to better his Best Actor chances at the Academy Awards.

And to answer your question, yes, of course I voted for Divine. Have you seen that ass? That’s the most heroic thing I’ve seen in my fucking lifetime let alone in a porno flick.

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