How to Know if Your Ex Will Come Back

Being in love is a wonderful thing. Almost everyone likes to have a partner with whom they can be intimate and share their time with. Unfortunately, life can sometimes be tough. The same person you were so much in love with and could not do without now wants a breakup. This is all too common in relationships. While this may be for any number of reasons, the truth is a breakup is never palatable. This is especially true if you are the party that was dumped.

Sometimes though, all is not lost and two people that have broken up can still get back together. The party that decided to break up might have a rethink. They may also have gotten over what made them take the decision in the first place. They realize their mistake and the two of you can be happy together again. You will find how to get back together after a breakup in this article.

If you want to know if your ex will return, some signs can help to tell this. Knowing this will give you the needed hope and strength to wait. On the contrary, if you do not see these signs, it may be best to move on.

Tell-Tale Signs That Your Ex Will Be Back
You will find below some signs that can tell if your ex will come back to you. While there is nothing guaranteed, these signs will help you know if you should let go or hold on. A big part of this is your inner gut feeling. You have to trust your intuition even when your mind is playing games on you.

That is, if you notice these signs and your gut says they will be back. It is likely going to be so. If it says otherwise, you will be better off listening to it rather than to your emotions. You can find reasons to trust your gut feelings here

They Still Have You In Their Lives
A good sign that shows your ex can be back is if they still actively have you in their lives. They did not block your phone number or remove you off their social media pages. They are still friends with you and talk to you even if it is occasionally. They have pictures of you as well as their stuff at your place or you have stuff at theirs.

You may even have discussed how to return their stuff or get yours but they have always made excuses not to. All these show that there is still a possibility in there. A lot of the time, people get rid of stuff that might make them remember their ex. So if they have not done this, they probably still want you in their life.

Their Actions Shows They Have You In Mind
A person that does not want you back will move on pretty easily. If your ex is stalking you or getting into your business, they still have a thing for you. This is also a good sign that they can come back to you. They may get jealous when they see anyone around or like your social media post. They may ask friends to check up on you and if something important happens to them, they call or text you.

Another thing is that they reach out to you on your birthday and times such as Christmas and buy you gifts. If you see any of these, they are definitely thinking about you.

They Are Unhappy
Although breakups are not the happiest of times for anyone, the initiator can get over it if truly they aren’t interested anymore. If your ex initiated the breakup yet they are unhappy, or gloomy, it shows they may still want you. You can know this by their social media posts, through friends, or how they look when you run into each other.

Sometimes to fill the void, they may start dating immediately to try and get over the hurt or make you jealous. They are likely forcing themselves into a rebound relationship and this shows they still have feelings for you. They are only going about it in the wrong way.

Some other signs your ex will eventually come back include:

  • Breaking up on good terms
  • The breakup was due to distance
  • They find reasons to see you
  • They are happy about your achievements
  • They are second-guessing the breakup.

Breakups are no good but sometimes, you can be fortunate to get back with your ex. Knowing the possibility of this on time will help you to decide whether to wait or move on. You can know this by watching out for some of the signs above but also listening to your intuition.

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