The Mesmerizing Truth Behind Some of the World’s Most Beautiful and Specialized Sex Dolls

Look out world- Some of the most expensive and specialized sex dolls are now being fused with the latest advancements in AI, and I for one, look forward to welcoming our sexy new robot overlords.

No, it’s not the latest plot to the next installment of the Austin Powers franchise, where the titillating fembots finally pick up where Dr. Evil left off. However, I’m fairly convinced that if cinema still exists when AI decides to overtake humanity, it could be a great role for your standard, struggling sexbot of two to get her career started.

Sex dolls have fascinated, confused, and entranced us for years, silently creating innovation in the background while most of us were still hung up on the blow up models of sex dolls past. Sex dolls come in all shapes, sizes, and materials, from your standard plastic inflatable, that resembles a pool floatie with a face, to fully customizable silicone dolls running upwards of $50k.

In 2017, RealDoll, a sex doll company that is ran out of San Marcos, California, unveiled their “RealBotix” line. Since 1997, RealDolls creator, Matt McMullen has been pumping out some of the most uncannily realistic sex dolls that the market has ever seen. And this year, he continues to make adjustments to his robotic love doll masterpiece, Harmony.

How is a Sex Doll Made?
When a mommy silicone molded human replica and a daddy silicone molded human replica… well, we wish it was that simple, but no, these dolls are handcrafted and customized down to the smallest detail, depending on what the buyer requests.

It all starts with a mold and a metal skeleton
Calling it a skeleton is a bit of a stretch of the anatomical imagination. Articulated metal scaffolding that vaguely resembles on of the robots that Will Smith fights in I, Robot. Well, from the neck down at least. Sex dolls aren’t mated with their heads until the very end of production. The ghostly skeletal form is then placed into a mold that resembles a buxom lady body – also from the neck down. A specific mixture of silicone rubber is poured into the mold of what resembles a basic female figure, where the customizable sections are left open so that they can be adjusted to the dreams of the discerning client.

Meanwhile, they work on the head
Migrating through the small factory, that looks like something between the backroom of a New York butcher shop and the finest fantasy that the sex fueled mind can create, with languid forms of naked women with any number of of shapely, nippleless breasts, hanging from chains and brackets along the assembly line.

The section of the business that deals with head customization looks like an odd amalgamation between a body shop, computer lab, and high end salon. Casts, that quite closely resemble a human face are assembled with moving mechanisms and sophisticated spring work that allow the jaw to gently articulate. Hauntingly realistic glass eyes are placed into the skull, and purchasers can choose from an array of colors so vast, it would make a rainbow blush.

Premolded faces, based in part on the design of master sculptors and part on the imaginations of the sex dolls soon to be counterpart, are created for the dolls on an individual basis. Should a client request it, the non-AI imbued models can come with multiple and interchangeable faces, each depicting its own array of emotions or situational actions, like sleeping or laughing. The pre molded faces resemble flaccid masks before they are applied to the skull cast. What occurs when the mask is applied to the crafted “skull” is nothing short of magic. When the thin covering of expertly crafted silicon slide over the plastic skull, the doll truly comes to life.

The eye color and facial expression are only the beginning of the head customization features. Owners can also choose among multiple tongue shapes, sizes and colors. Teeth are added with any of the realistic dental quirks that one could imagine: Underbite, overbite, gap teeth, buck teeth… you name it, they create it.

Hair, makeup, lip shape, and eyebrows are all up to the preferences of the owner. But it doesn’t stop there…

Body Customization
Breast size, belly shape, hips, butts, shoulders, freckles, moles, scars, tattoos, toe and fingernails, pubic hair, are all standard customizations that have to be considered by creators and owners alike.

Even the more intimate regions of the sex dolls can be customized, everything is carefully thought of and crafted. Some pieces are even made from direct molds of real live lady parts. Labia size and shape, anal structure, and even feet are all made specifically to order. The specialized and patented mix of silicon is so incredibly life like, it’s almost unnerving that the doll doesn’t immediately come to life when you touch it.

The Fascinating Truth
Creator Matt McMullen tells the world that “certain people benefit from these dolls” and likens the crushing social anxiety that some people experience in daily life to needing excess arch support in your shoes. While that might sound crazy, it makes really great sense when you take a look at these dolls owners. The owners genuinely seem to care for their dolls. Many create back stories and personalities for them, where the sex dolls become more of life companions to people who need them than remain just an inanimate object to put your junk into.

The love and attention to detail that creators put into making the dolls only seems to further shore the idea of these dolls being so much more than just some expertly crafted orifices. This is no more apparent than watching McMullen unveil his latest innovation in the sex doll/AI universe.

So while many people still harbor a lingering sense of unease as they watch Harmony’s elegant eyes flick back and forth as she answers questions coyly in a somewhat tensely automated voice, like a first generation siri, my initial reservations have seemingly faded away. After seeing the artistry that goes into making these triumphs of modern day marvels, and the compassion that owners of sex dolls seem to genuinely have for their silicon partners, I think the world could maybe use a bit more of that level of skill and that level of love.

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