Miley versus Madonna

Whilst Twitter was all abuzz last night over Miley’s VMA’s performance (I think the common refrain was #ShitShow), I couldn’t help but think back to Madonna’s performance. Not the Vogue performance, that puts anything Lady Gaga does about six feet under with an RIP, but her “Like a Virgin” Performance:

She’s nervous as hell, about to fall off that big ol’ wedding cake, doesn’t really dance so much as nearly trip over her veil 60 times, then roll around. But…there’s still the performer, she’s working the crowd, the camera, and does a nice hump of the stage before collapsing (shocking, really – this was the early 80’s, where the only girls being this naughty were background props in Van Halen videos.) There’s also this vulnerability that shines through; she really owns the song. And, she’s doing a great job convincing you to do the same.

Meanwhile, in Mileyland…oh Hannah Montana, what hath thou wrought:

She’s not nervous at all, in fact, she’s convinced she’s gonna fuck all of you by the end of the night. But her movements are the stuff of horror movies involving a puppet – herky-jerky, frighteningly aggressive and seem like she may possibly eat your brain as opposed to twerking you out.
It’s been screamed all over the interwebz about Miley “trying too hard” – and that’s certainly valid. Obviously the girl has done her homework, watching everything from Madonna to Britney to hard core porn – but it’s not her own. Instead we’re watching Hannah Montana go through her teenage rebellion, about 5-6 years too late, trying on different looks and sex acts and scandal and fuck the power, but none of them seems to fit.
At least, not yet.

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