Missing a Plus One For A Big Event? Why Not Hire An Escort?

If you’re in need of a plus one, a quick phone call to Dolls and Roses could solve your dilemma straight away.

Got a big event coming up? Then you’re probably feeling a little nervous. That anxiety can be even more acute if you are single. Parties are always full of couples, and the thought of turning up on your own is enough to put even the most confident, successful men off. Before you put that invitation in the bin though, consider hiring an escort to be your plus one for the evening. At Dolls and Roses you’ll find the high class escorts London men always rely on for important events.

The escorts at Dolls and Roses are used to attending all kinds of parties, so you’ll be able to take her to your event with complete confidence. Dolls and Roses are the escort agency of choice for men looking for plus ones for corporate events, as their escorts have a proven track record in this environment. However, they are equally suited to more personal functions like weddings and birthdays. Just mention the kind of event you’re heading to when you book, and the booking team will take care of the rest.

Dressed to impress
You can be sure that your Dolls and Roses escort will be dressed appropriately for your big event. A worry for men booking an escort is that they will turn up in a tarty, overly revealing outfit. Well, there’s no danger of that when you book your escort through the number one agency in London. A high class lady will look beautiful, but she will be dressed elegantly. There will be no miniskirts or thigh-high boots to be seen. To anyone at the event, she’ll look like just another beautiful, stylish guest.

Intelligent and witty
A great plus one needs to be much more than just a pretty face. When you book an escort with Dolls and Roses, you’ll be getting a lady who is intelligent as she is beautiful. They are well travelled, confident and witty, and will have no trouble striking up a conversation with your fellow guests. Whether you are mingling at an important company event or partying at one of London’s top cocktail bars with your influential friends, you can trust her to say the right thing every time.

Discreet and professional
Last but not least, a Dolls and Roses escort will be professional. If you are taking a plus one to a big event, you’ll want to be sure that she will be on her best behaviour. Although the girls at Dolls and Roses love to have fun with their clients, they will always be on their best behaviour during your time together. While the drinks are flowing they will keep a clear head, will never reveal the true nature of your date to anyone and will always be polite and respectful.

Hire an escort and enjoy your big night!
If you are still a little nervous about inviting an escort to be your plus one at a big event, then why not book one for a date before the big night? That way you’ll be able to familiarise yourself with the whole process and develop a rapport with the escort of your choice. Whatever you decide to do, there’s not much time to delay. Dolls and Roses are an incredibly popular agency though, so we recommend booking your dream plus one sooner rather than later!

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