Personifying your Punters: An Escort’s Guide to Client Categorization

As a Sexy High-End Companion, when it comes to knowing how to get ahead in the Escorting Industry, the first things that you may consider about your romantic and social techniques is in relation to yourself. You may think about how you look physically, what sort of outfits you will wear on dates, how far you would be willing to go sexually, whether you can socially stimulate a client and how you can generally improve on skills as a whole.

Although this will assist you in improving the experience of your clients, as well as rake in those positive reviews and loyalty bookings, have you ever considered that your overall dating performance could be due to the sort of client you encounter? Each client has a different personality, and may even fall into a “caricature” of a romantic and sexual figure in order to please you. You just need to know how to quickly scope out the sort of person you are meeting and how you can fall into their good books.

Each Client is Unique!
Remember that each of your clients will be as unique as a thumbprint when it comes to their personalities and desires. Although they may fall into different categories of partners does not mean that they have their own criteria that they expect to be filled. As you grow in popularity, the number of meetings will increase. That means that you need to be able to scope out the client’s personality from the moment you meet them.

Take a look at their profile and focus on your photos, personality profile, and statistics. Is there a generalised characteristic that you fall into? For instance, could you be categorised as a sexy blonde, a true Girlfriend-Experience (GFE) or a BDSM Beauty? If so then you need to be able to play up these characteristics, especially if you are invited by a client to join them in a hotel room. Allow them to see their desires brought to life and they will instantly form a connection with you. If you put in the extra effort to understand them then you will be rewarded through their loyalty and repeat visitations.

Just remember that outside of the bedroom, your client will expect to get to know a real human being, not just the two-dimensional photograph that they found attractive on the internet. So be sure to make them feel welcome and respected. The more you socialise with them, the more they will see you as a real person and treat you with the respect you deserve.

Stereotypical Characters
Although you may only want to bring your stereotypical sexy fantasies into the bedroom, that does not mean that your client will be as self-aware as you are. Try not to judge them too harshly, as many of them will solely be looking to impress you, but you will find that a lot of your punters do end up falling into a number of stereotypical “client characters.” These include:

The Newly Single “Nice-Guy”
There is really why some newly divorced men come to see an escort. It is to try and get over the emotional pain from the divorce itself. Whilst most of these clients are genuinely nice people and just need a little support to move on with their lives, there are others who have been divorced for a reason.

The Nice-Guy is the sort of person who may tell you that they are a nice person, but in reality, they most certainly are not. They are spoiled and expect you to act like a slave just because they have paid you to undertake a certain action. Some of them may begin the date by treating you like a lady, but the minute you jump into the bedroom, their true side appears. Whilst there is nothing wrong with a little dirty talk if they become threatening rather than kinky, that is the perfect time for you to leave the date.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, you may even find that the Newly Single “Nice-Guy” is the sort of client that falls in love far too easily. He may be a mature client with a steady professional life, but with a family life that is falling apart. These sort of people fall in love far too easily, and you may find yourself being showered with gifts and affection. Some may even want to try and “save you” from the escorting lifestyle. However, be sure to keep reminding them that at the end of the day that you are just providing them a “service.” Keep it professional between you and your client and you should be able to keep them emotionally and sexually satisfied.

The “Big-Breasts-are-Better” Guy
When you think of a stereotypical client, you may think of a person who wants the perfect package from his escort. Big Breasts, Perfect Curves, Beautiful Face and a Sparkling personality to match. Whilst most people will curb their expectations, as they understand that they are meeting a real woman and not a “fantasy babe”, there are some who will come and meet you because of these expectations.

Usually these sort of people tend to be quite young (between 20-30) and have been egged on by their friends to come and see you. Some of them even may hire you for a birthday/bachelor party. Just remember, that whilst they may be happy with sexualising you and having fun, you are certainly not an object that they can do anything that they want with.

If your client starts harassing you over your appearance, or tries to pressurise you into different sexual acts, then you can end the date immediately. A lack of respect from these sort of clients should must certainly not be tolerated.

The “I have lots of sex” Bragger
When it comes London Escorts, most of them will find that the sort of men who see them are, unfortunately, the sort of people that enjoy bragging about their lives, whether they are in or out of the bedroom.

The feeling of being in control is something that is a major turn on for them, especially if it implies that they are powerful and have a lot of money. Thus, you may find that these sort of clients use you to show off the amount of wealth they truly have, as well as to send their friends a subtle message that they have sex with beautiful women on a daily basis.

If these sort of clients are arrogant or unkind then they can be a nightmare to deal with. But the best way of dealing with them is to simply listen to them and deliver compliments that will assist in inflating their self-worth. With that self-confidence nailed then they will always return to you to get their next kick. However, remember that you are the one who is in control of your dating choice. If any of them become too difficult to deal with, don’t be afraid to cut them out of your life.

Mr Tragedy
All jokes aside, these sort of clients are actually some of the most difficult to deal with. This is not because of their attitudes towards an escort or due to having issues with escorts in general, but because of the emotional investment that you may find yourself putting into them.

These sort of people are genuinely kind and are not just visiting you for sex. In reality, they are visiting you because they are lonely. They are meeting you because they genuinely just need someone to talk to or even cry on. Their lives are stressful, they are having personal problems and they just need someone to listen to the reveal their emotional frustrations about life. One Escort even revealed through a Whisper Mobile App that his client:

“Once a regular told me that I helped save his life just by listening.”

If you encounter this sort of client, always take them extremely seriously. You may be the only person in their life that is willing to hear them out. Whether they talk to you about their problems over dinner or just want to cuddle in a bedroom whilst they cry, it is your professional duty to make them feel better. Allow them to get out all their emotion and never belittle them for their problems. If you hear them out then you will find that they will always keep coming back to just to receive comfort. Emotionally it is also extremely rewarding if you that you are having a positive effect on their outlook and their lives.

The Naughty Fetishizer
There is always one naughty client that comes to you looking like a shy flower. But the moment you take them into the bedroom, you will learn why they hired you in the first place. Whether it is due to a unique fetish, such as WaterSports or BDSM, or just an interesting desire that they cannot have fulfilled in a normal sexual relationship, you are the only person who will be able to make them feel comfortable with their sexuality and sexual interests. Never judge them on what they want. After all, everyone has unique sexual interests. Some are just a little more interesting than others.

The Perfect Punter
At the end of the day, as an Escort, you may have already expected these sort of people to turn up at your doorstep. Human Sexuality is a strange but wonderful thing, and honestly, it can put you in contact with some truly interesting people.

Despite encountering some of the more negative clients that the Escorting Business brings out of the shadows, there are always men and women who make the job worthwhile. These perfect clients are the sort of people who will treat you with respect both on and off the job. They have their lives in check and honestly just want a little company to help them relax. These are the sort of clients that you can bond with and truly start to enjoy your time with them. Don’t get too personal with them, but if you find yourself starting to unwind and relax, you may want to occasionally throw in a little extra discount or bargain to ensure that they come back to you.

Content Writer: Hannah Fletcher

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