Are Prague Escorts Less Likely to Contract STDs?

When engaging in casual sex, STD/STI transmission is something worth worrying about, but what about if you are with a Prague escort?

As it turns out, you are statistically far less likely to contract disease from procuring the services of a professional, than a random bar hook up. The reason that you are less likely to contract an STD/STI from a Prague escort are actually reasonS. Quite a few things about Prague’s business specifically makes it less likely to send you home from the holiday packing more than just your bags.

⦁ They practice safe sex. Every. Time.
Prague escorts are militant about condom use. Being extremely diligent if not down right anal (excuse the pun) about condom usage is one of the single most protective factors against STI/STD. Most STI/STDs are transmitted via the mucous membranes when they come in contact with blood, semen, or vaginal secretions. Contrary to seemingly popular belief, we aren’t covered in mucous membranes – the lining of the vagina, the rectum, urethra, mouth, and throat are about the only mucous membranes that are encountered during most sexual intercourse. Even the kinky stuff. Other STD/STI’s can be transmitted via skin to mucous membrane contact, but only through lesions… that’s right, unless you’re burying your sensitives in wart and blister infected nethers, the likelihood of you contracting a disease is low. This is why condoms are so effective.

⦁ They’re sexually intelligent
These ladies know just how to get work done. The likelihood of banging it out, on a rough patch of dry, for hours is incredibly unlikely. Prague escorts know that a wet playing field isn’t just satisfactory, it’s also safer. Using copious amounts of lube (this is especially true during anal sex), reduces friction, and friction can increase the likelihood of incurring abrasions or lacerations. Abrasions and lacerations can reduce the effectiveness of condoms by exposing internal tissue (or blood) to another persons fluids. They also know how to keep sex entertaining while still being incredibly safe. If it get a bit prolonged, guaranteed Prague escorts have a few tricks up their sleeves to get you to the finish line fast.

⦁ Standard professionalism
Prague escorts are professionals. In being professionals, they understand that their health status directly affects their income and their livelihood. So they’re really not going to let you, or anyone else, jeopardize their career. Parts of standard professionalism include frequent testing as well as receiving any relevant vaccinations before they begin their careers. They are also more likely to be sober during an appointment, making them even less likely to engage in risky behavior. Any reputable Prague escort or escorting agency will be happy to produce updated test results, should you request them. Some also require your own test results. While these rules don’t necessarily apply to any tramp on the street, as it’s not just partner frequency that increases the risk of STD/STI, but also drug use and engaging in unprotected sexual behavior. In the end, you get what you pay for and it just so happens that Chlamydia is cheap as chips.

⦁ It’s perfectly legal
Prostitution is legal throughout the Czech Republic. Researchers studying prostitutes in Canada, India and Kenya found that legalizing sex work could decrease HIV infections by 33-46%. Large human rights groups, such as the United Nations, Human Rights Watch, and Amnesty International all call for the decriminalization of sex work, as they have all found that legalized prostitution is safer for both the sex workers and their clients. Prague escorts are not treated unfairly by the judicial system, so they are capable of seeking appropriate health care and disclosing their professions, making it even easier for doctors to ensure all of the right tests and screens are being performed.

This is great news for many people. However, if you went about purchasing a ladies services in the wrong way, these encouraging statistics may not apply to you. Remember, that these only apply to the Prague escorts that are professionals. We’ve put together a bit of a buyer’s guide to ensure that your experience with a Prague escort is nothing but good, clean, fun.

Never Rush

Always keep in mind the phrase “good things happen to those who wait”. Deciding on securing an escort at ten, and expecting one to show up at eleven is really irresponsible if you’re not already familiar with the agency or the girl. Preparing in advance to ensure that you get exactly the type of Prague escort you’re looking for as well as expending the time to go through a decent vetting process (it’s good to be picky), can help ensure the professionalism of the escort. Essentially, if hiring an escort has all of the hangups and hassles of meeting someone in a bar and shagging them in a bathroom five minutes later, the likelihood that you will contract something increases exponentially.

Just like tattoos, you get what you pay for
And not only that, but if you pay for a crappy one, you could be walking around with evidence of your cheap decision for the rest of your life. A general rule of thumb is the cheaper and easier the girl is, the higher the chance of catching something. While prostitution is legal in the Czech Republic, there are still desperate women being forced into sex work. Again, it’s not just the number of partners that contributes to STD/STI exposure. The most notable factor in whether or not a Prague escort is likely to have an STD/STI is their willingness to engage in risky behaviors – such as unprotected sex or substance abuse. So if you are going to splurge, make sure you do it properly.

Never engage in unprotected sex
I will say it again and again and again – never EVER engage in sexual activity without protection. Ever. Unless this person is your life partner, always wrap it up if you’re hoping to live an STD/STI free life. If a sex worker is willing to engage in unprotected sex with you, she is willing to engage in it with every other customer. Professionals require condom use.

Many STD/STI’s are symptomless
It’s actually shockingly unusual for someone to know their infective status without regular testing. This is particularly true in men. The most devastating and possibly life threatening STD/STI’s – such as HIV, Hep C, HPV, Syphilis – have little to no initial symptoms, and only become noticeable once the disease has advanced. It’s also more common for women to experience symptoms than men. So even if you think you’re clean, if you’ve been engaging in risky sexual behavior, chances are, you’re not.

Moral of the story? Go get checked often, at least 2-4 weeks after every encounter with a new sexual partner. Request immunization and STD/STI information from any Prague escort you plan on booking. Take your time when booking. Always ALWAYS use a condom. Try not to randomly bang strangers, especially without the use of a condom. Always use a professional.

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