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Online adult dating sites primary aim is to help people meet other people and hopefully meet someone whom they can share the same interests with. However, “meet” is perceived and interpreted in many different ways across generations. Adult online dating is also termed “no-strings-attached dating” and is described further in
Young adults by the age of 18 to 24 years old perceive dating sites and applications as avenues for casual meetups or hookups. Older adults see this as a way for them to find someone whom they can develop relationships with, short term or long term.

This resulted to the following demographics:
75% of 18 to 24 year olds use Tinder, while 31% of 18 to 24 year olds use Bumble
36% of the 24 to 34 year olds patronize
58% of 45 to 54 year olds embrace, while a significant few use Tinder

Tinder is known for hookups; Bumble empowers women to start conversations; is top site for finding serious and long-term relationships. This means most of the young adults are into hookups, while the older generation is more into finding long-term relationships.

Online Dating Facts
Much of the stigma on online dating has now subside: It has now gain a more positive response from people, saying that it is a good way of meeting people and getting to know them initially before going deeper into whatever that may blossom from a simple chit-chat online.

A decade ago, people had little knowledge or experience of online dating, and it was seen as a low way of meeting people. But today, it is common to know couples who met online and successfully built a family. Attitude towards online dating have grown more nowadays and has become more positive.

Online dating has leaped between generations: There is an approximately tripled increase in the number of young adults (18 to 24 years old) today. This was not the case a decade ago. Most often it were the older adults who would use online dating, but now 18 to 24 year olds up to 55 to 64 year olds are using online dating sites and applications.

One factor that effected this substantial growth in online dating platforms and apps is the use of mobile applications.

Not all people who used dating sites in finding their “someone” actually go out on a date with the “someone” they meet online.

One out of five online daters had help from someone else in working out their profiles. There are many online users/daters who have enlisted their friends to put their profile together or help “boost” it.

Approximately half of the American population who are married or are committed in a relationship confirmed that online dating was how they met their current partners.

As much as it is a popular thing to do nowadays, and it has been a trend among the young and old, still online dating is seen to have both positive and negative sides. However, the public’s perception of it may depend on user’s experience. But then in reality, it is really up to the users how to get the most out of these – see here.

Public’s Unfavorable Reactions to Dating Sites
There are inherent risks in searching or finding dates online. Among these is the difficulty of evaluating the character of a person online. Knowing a person includes his body language, the tone of his voice, and other qualities and non-verbal cues that would usually help you know a person more when you are face to face with him.

Dating services may fail to screen sex offenders, scammers, and fraudsters. Relationships with these kinds of people could lead to them victimizing their online dates – it is said that hundreds of millions of dollar every year are “stolen” through online dating.

People can lie about their age, relationship status, sexuality, income, and other conditions that they are in.

Mistrust in the handling of personal information and potential risk to it.

Favorable Reactions
Users of these services tend to give more favorable comments.

58% of the users gave positive comments about dating online and majority of these users have met their partners online and they are satisfied of the turnouts.

48% are confident that these sites and apps are handling their subscribers’ information.

Majority of the users who have found their partners online have confidence and are satisfied with the services of online dating sites and apps.

There is still much confidence that these apps and sites will still be able to improve. Sites similar to Adult Dating Patrol review are avenues where dating sites and apps find reviews and comments that can help them improve their services and eventually their reputations as they continue to exist over time. Regardless whether you like it or not, there is still a good chance that you might use them. They allow you to conveniently meet people and connect with them, and you can choose in which community you would like to do your search so these already narrows down your options to only those who you think would really be a good fit for you.

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