Repsect the Ass: An Interview with Mia Isabella


The first time I witnessed the absolute glory that is Mia Isabella’s derriere, it was in a Vine. A Vine that knocked me to the floor. A Vine that I’ve analyzed from more angles than the goddam Zapruder film. A Vine that looked a lot like this:


There’s more to the Vine than what I’ve culled out here, but it gets a bit X-rated. Suffice it to say, however, that as a card-carrying ass-enthusiast, the three seconds presented here was all I needed to convince me that I’d found our next interview subject.

Later on, however, as arrangements were being made and due diligence was being performed, I learned that Mia brings a lot more to the party than just a killer ass and a gorgeous face. She’s also got, to put it as plainly as I can, a cock.

That’s right. Mia Isabella is one of the world’s most downloaded and in-demand transsexual porn starlets. And while a cock isn’t exactly what I look for in my women, the unstoppable awesomeness of Mia’s rump kept my mind wide open. After all, this is Respect the Ass. And hers in an ass that demands — dare I say commands — respect.

Now, let’s learn more about it.

So am I totally ruining your morning? You’re having breakfast and some nerd calls to talk about your ass?
No, I just put my tea on. I took a long bubble bath this morning and I’m shooting this afternoon and all through Friday. This conversation is keeping me calm and relaxed. And I appreciate your interest in my ass.

Looking at some of the pictures you post on Twitter, it seems you girlfriends and peers can’t keep their hands off your ass.
Yes, all my girlfriends love my big ol’ ass. They are not above just grabbing it as I walk past them. We were just at a huge industry event in Florida, and my ass became the unofficial mascot for the event.

If you had to describe your ass to someone who hadn’t seen it?
Let’s see. Round. Juicy. Big. Sweet.

Sold. How do you keep it that round?
Well, I’m Puerto Rican and Jamaican so that has something to do with it. I swim a lot, too. But mostly, I’m just blessed, I guess.


I usually ask the women I interview what article of clothing best accentuates their ass. But in your case, where you might want to show off the ass, as the owner of a cock and balls, I know that tight pants are usually a painful proposition.
I love dresses. I used to be a stylist and I owned a boutique in Chicago many years ago and I love form-fitting dresses. That said, I never have to make a conscious effort to flaunt it because the ass does it own talking, as you know. As for keeping myself comfortable, I’ve been hiding that aspect of myself for so long, it’s not something I have to worry about; it’s second nature for me. I’m used to it.

What’s the weirdest fetish you’ve ever encountered regarding your ass?
Nothing I can think of that’s too crazy. I do love to ride a face and smother a guy with my ass. But that’s not very unusual.

I saw one video of yours in which you were using your ass to smother a guy within an inch of his life. And let’s just say, it was convincing.
Honestly, I’m marketed as a dominant top, but in my real personal and private life, I’m very much a submissive. I require a very dominant, aggressive man. In most of my films, I portray a dominant character that I’m not in real life, which is part of the fun of what I do.


Would you say that’s what you like best about what you do? Being able to act out something you might not do in real life?
To be honest, I enjoy this part the most. Interacting with interviewers, bloggers, writers like yourself. People who help spread the word and bring in new fans who might not have been interested. You’re the people who make the industry go ’round and help build an appetite for the product I create and I really do enjoy talking about what I do.

Alright, you’ve just made me feel better about interrupting your breakfast.
But it’s true. I’m very fortunate because of the era that I’ve lived in that there are so many channels to interact with my fans. I launched my website because I wanted to give my fans a homebase to interact with me and keep up with events in my life. And we, as performers, are also given a lot of mainstream opportunities because of social media, like my Twitter account, which allows us to build our brand outside the usual networks. It’s very cool.

What makes a great female ass?
The heart shape. It doesn’t have to be big. It doesn’t have to be full and completely round like mine, but the heart shape makes a beautiful ass.

I like the way you note that it doesn’t have to be “full and completely round like mine” because yours should be the gold standard.
[Laughs.] It has to be. It’s my job.


Are you in a relationship now?
No, as a matter of fact.

When you are out there dating, how long does it take before the guy’s begging you to sit on his face?
If it’s someone who’s never gonna see me again, they’ll probably try it that day, and that’s why they’ll never see me again. I’d like to know a person a bit before they have the balls to ask to have my ass all over their face.

Well played. Do you find most guys to be intimidated when they find out what you do?
I don’t have a lot of experience to draw from because I was married when I was 20 years old, and I was with my husband for four years. He was a much, much older gentleman, a very high profile business man. And he sort of reveled in being part of that world with me–the world I was employed in. He was my manager at one point, so he attended all my photo shoots and events, and he loved it. After ending that relationship, I was with my ex-fiance for three years. He was “in the business” as they say, and it was actually harder being with a fellow performer than what you might call a “normal” person.

Is it tough to date, to use your words, “normal” people after being in porn?
No. I think, in fact, we appreciate normalcy even more. You spend your day working with people who look like models and have beautiful bodies. I don’t think I’d want to date someone who looked like an Adonis. I don’t want someone who thinks he’s prettier than me.


I saw a Vine of a male porn actor creepin’ up behind your ass and I have to say, your ass looks so amazing, it almost doesn’t seem real. [You can see the actual Vine here — warning, NSFW!]
The person responsible for that video is sitting right here having tea right now. His name is Cliff Jensen and we’re actually going to be shooting some material over the next couple days, so I’m sure you’ll see more of him doing things to my ass.

Pass him my compliments. I’ve probably watched it a million times.
I actually didn’t know he was shooting that. I was trying to be cute and walk away and show off my ass. He wasn’t playing. He was legitimately creeping up on me and putting his cock in my butt.

I will buy those pants you had on. That’s how much I want them.
[Laughs.] I will be sure to wear leggings that show off my ass in one of the videos just for you.

You’re doing God’s work. Thank you.
You’re welcome.


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