Respect the Ass: An Interview with Layton Benton


First things first: Layton Benton is awesome.

Yes, she has killer good looks and a body to match, making her an in-demand adult actress and urban model. She’s also really, really good at what she does, carrying herself with the finesse and grace of a seasoned pro in her work for Penthouse, Bang Bros and Reality Kings, despite being in the adult film game for just a little over a year. Perhaps most importantly (at least to me), she’s also got one of the roundest and most staggeringly hypnotic rear ends in the business.

But beyond all that, she comes across as an insanely cool person, laid back and possessing a salacious yet quirky sense of humor, evident to anyone who follows her on Twitter, Vine or Instagram.

Eager to learn more, I connected with Layton on recent winter morning, finding her every bit as sexy and gracious and funny as I’d expected. When she mentioned that she was trying to shake a nasty headache, I asked if she’d rather postpone the interview. But she carried on, saying, “Naw, I’m good. This isn’t my first rodeo.”

Now, on to the questions:

How are you doing today? More importantly, How is your ass today?
My ass? My ass is always fine.

I’ll second that. Would you say that your derriere is the body part most widely appreciated by your fans?
Yeah, I pretty much feel like my butt is my trademark because it’s naturally big. I’m in an industry in which there are thousands of girls, and when I started, I was trying to find my niche and what makes me stand out. I noticed that whenever I posted photos of my ass on Twitter, those would get the most views and comments. So I started feeding into it. Then I did an ass worship scene and that’s when it really took off.


To someone who has never seen it, how would you describe your ass?
I would call it juicy, soft, round, brown… and plump. I actually did a Reality Kings movie called “Round and Brown.”

I always ask the actresses I interview how they maintain their asses. Is it tough when that’s your moneymaker?
Not really. You just need to know what workouts to do. I noticed when I was running on the treadmill that it was good for my stomach, but my butt was shrinking. So then I started doing the Stairmaster and the gazelle and my butt came back. So it’s all about the exercises you do. You don’t want to lose the weight in your hips and butt, you just want to tone it. I also do a lot of squats to keep it round, and I recently got an ass-shaper. Did you ever hear of them? It’s underwear with the ass cut out so it can shape and enhance your butt.

Jesus, what hope do normal women have when someone with an ass like yours is going the extra mile and enhancing it?
[laughs] I know, right?


You tweeted a picture of yourself in “comfy sweats” a couple months ago and I thought my heart was going to explode. I was jealous of those pants. Your ass had me jealous of fabric.
[laughs] I love my comfy sweats. When I’m going out, if I want to show off my butt, I wear leggings. My butt looks good in a skirt, but leggings really enhance it and make my thighs look thick, too. That’s what I like. I’m a leggings person. But when I’m at home, just chilling, I like my sweats.

Well, you are doing your sweat pants proud.
See, that’s the thing. Part of the reason I took that picture was to show that I don’t have to wear leggings or tight jeans for my ass to look good and round. I wanted people to know I have a butt and it’s big and it’s real. They put so many effects on photos these days, it’s hard to tell who has a butt and who doesn’t. I’ve seen girls with no butt take a photo from a certain angle to make it look like they have a butt. They invent stuff. Like sitting on the bathroom sink to make their butts look rounder. I’m like, “come on.” I think people have finally stopped doing that because everyone’s on to it.

You seem pretty passionate about fake butt.
I am. Gotta go for the real. Can’t have a fake butt.

You post a lot of great ass shots, but you also post photos that kinda show off your funny, goofier side. Like there was one of you kissing another girl’s ass while you were holding a bottle of schnapps.
That was me and my friend Alexa Aimes. We were at home, and I was drinking, of course. We just finished filming a Vine and we just started taking all kinds of freaky pictures. That’s one everyone seemed to like.


They certainly show off a different side of your personality.
You know, those are the kind of photos my fans really like. Any girl in porn can post glamour shots or pictures of their scenes but I think fans also like to see pictures of a chill person who’s down to earth. People want to see the real you, that’s why sometimes I’ll get home, lay in my bed and just start taking pictures. Did you ever see my Oreo pictures? I was just sitting at home one night, smoking some weed, and I saw a package of Oreos and thought, “What can I do with these?” So I put one on each boob and took pictures.

In your opinion, what are the qualities that make up an awesome female ass?
I would say basically the biggest thing is roundness. A good test is gripping it with your hand. If you can grip it or cup it, that’s a good ass. Softness, too. No guy wants a hard butt on his face. Also, this is gonna sound weird, but I would say smell. I know I don’t want to smell any fumes coming from the butt.


What is the weirdest fetish you’ve ever encountered in real life regarding your ass?
I think the weirdest stuff has probably been shitting on someone’s chest.

Yikes. You did that?
No. Someone asked me to, but I didn’t. There are certain things I’m not gonna do.

What about the strangest thing you ever did for film?
Hmmm. Maybe face smothering. Someone aske dme to do that and I was just like, “fuck it. Sure.” They basically wanted me to sweat a lot and smear my butt on someone’s face. I enjoyed it, but that’s just how weird and sick and twisted my mind is.

You once tweeted something about doing fart porn. I always wondered, is that real?
Real farts? Yes.

Serious? I just assumed it was a guy off-camera with a whoopee cushion.
[laughs] No, it’s real. They put a syringe in your butt and pump air into it. But it doesn’t hurt, it just feels a bit weird. I didn’t realize how popular it was.

What’s the best compliment you’ve ever received on your ass?
I’m happy to say I actually get a lot of good compliments on it. The best is how in shape it is. People love the shape and tone of my butt.


Thong or boyshorts?
I would say thong. More comfy and sometimes boyshorts kinda control my ass. I can’t let that happen.

Tight jeans or spandex?
I’d say spandex. But, as I said earlier, I love my sweats. I just love comfy clothes. In my job, there’s sometimes a lot of costumes, so I like to come home and be comfy. After work I just come home, make myself dinner, get some weed and some wine and I’m ready to go.

Alright, before we go, anything America needs to know about Layton Benton’s ass?
It’s just gonna keep getting bigger.




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