Respect the Ass: An Interview with Savannah Fox


Full disclosure: Without porn star and ass model extraordinaire Savannah Fox, or “Big Booty Fox” as she is affectionately known on Twitter, there would be no “Respect the Ass” column.

You see, it was while fumbling around on Twitter that I happened upon some of Fox’s infamous ass shots. And that led me to some of her porn films, which include what I can only describe as the most intense ass smothering videos I have ever seen. And as I watched these videos, my eyes barely able to fully comprehend the majestic curves of her derriere, I was drawn in like the Argonauts to the sea sirens. This video in particular (NSFW, obvs), in which Fox masturbates a lucky dude by simply clenching her ass cheeks around his hard-on, was solely responsible for me losing use of my wrists for a solid month.

After falling in deep, I made a vow that I would find this woman and I would interview her and the interview would be all about her ass. Its weight, its girth, its power, its roundness and the indescribable awesomeness that one would likely feel to watch it slowly lower down onto his or her face.

Sadly, Fox proved elusive. But I launched the column anyway, and got to meet and interview some amazing asses along the way.

But now, I’m proud to announce that I finally got that interview with Big Booty Fox. And I am happy to report that her wit and charm are as huge as her ass. Savannnah’s the full package, folks: beautiful, funny, intriguing, uninhibited, and blessed with what may just be the greatest ass on planet Earth.

Read on!

Just so you know, I started the Respect the Ass column because of your ass. Ever since I first saw it, I said, “I have to interview her and just ask her about her ass.” We were never able to connect until now, but I want to thank you for the inspiration.
I’m flattered. Glad to hear that my ass is inspiring people. Now I can go to work thinking that there’s a blog post dedicated to the loveliness of my ass.

How is your ass doing today, by the way?
She’s doing very well! Every morning when I wake up I rub it to make sure it’s still big and not shrinking. I’m very attached to it.

And how big an ass are we talking, if I may ask?
It’s 46 inches.

How do you find jeans or shorts to contain its awesomeness?
Shorts I don’t wear unless I’m doing porn. Because I’ll put them on and they’ll cover my ass but as I start to walk, my ass will say, “no, no, no, no, no, you can’t wear these shorts.”

You did one video for Bang Brothers in which you demonstrated how you put on your shorts. It was fucking amazing. And the struggle is real. Has your ass always been There with a capital “T”?
It kinda was. Actually, I’ll never forget this. I was fourteen years old and with some friends and these guys were trying to get behind us, and I thought they were trying to play a trick on us. So I kept wondering, “What are they doing? Are they going to put something in my hair?” Then I came to the realization that they were looking at my butt. So I asked one of my friends if I had a big butt and she said, “Uh, yeah. You’re the only white girl I know who has a butt bigger than some black girls.”


How do you maintain something so amazing? A million squats a day?
Well, I never do squats. I know I should and I probably will start doing them soon. But I strive to maintain the fat, squishy part of my butt, but I don’t want it to be too squishy, so I try to keep the perfect ratio of firm and squishy. If that makes sense.

It does. I’m just picking myself up off the floor. You post a ton of ass shots on Twitter and I never fail to look at them and think, “that has got to be fake or some kind of trickery. How does her ass stand up like that?”
Thank you. My ass appreciates all the compliments.

How would you describe your own ass to some poor sucker who’s never seen it?
Well, you hit on something when you said it looked fake because I’ve looked at it sometimes in the mirror when I have leggings on and I think the same thing. It doesn’t look like it should be attached to my body. So I guess I’d say the best way to describe it is, “so big and round it looks fake.” I actually did a film called “Is That Ass Real?”

And you can verify that it’s real?
Oh, it’s real.


When did you realize that ass could be making you money?
I got into porn at the end of last year. And I did it on a whim. I’m a very random person. [laughs] I’d gone to school and had normal jobs and odd jobs. And one day I saw an ad on Craigslist and responded to it. And they said, “Do you want to make X amount of money” and I said, “Yes.” And then they said, “Do you like being naked?” and I said, “Yes.” And they said, “Then we want to pay for you to come to Miami.” And I said, “Okay, that sounds like fun.” And they said, “One thing: you’re going to be shooting porn.” And I figured, “Well, I think I’m pretty good at fucking and I look good doing it, so let’s try it.”

And was your ass pretty much your calling card from the beginning?
Actually, no. When I did those first shoots in Miami I was into bodybuilding so I was on a crash diet and more muscular at that time. After I was done training, I came out to California and I gained 20 pounds and my butt went from big to ginormous. One of the first shoots I did out there was the one you just mentioned where I’m in the shorts, and that video was all about my ass. And once people saw that, they were like, “Holy fucking shit. We want your butt in our movie.”

The rest is history.
It is. I get paid to have sex. And I fucking love it. Sometimes I hear interviews with women who were in porn and all they say is how much they hated it or how it ruined their lives. But porn has made my life better. I fucking love my life. I have a great relationship with my family. I’m safe. I make a lot of money. I’m in control. I love it.

We love it, too. In fact, I’m jealous of the guys who get paid to have you sit on their faces. I watch it and I’m like, “That’s his job. I’m getting paid to push paper around, but that guy’s getting paid to have Savannah Fox sit on his face.” Those guys are the ultimate winners here.
It’s a lot of fun. The more I do it, the more I enjoy it. I love my butt and if people want to worship it and I get paid for that, let’s do it.


What is the weirdest fetish you’ve ever encountered involving your ass?
This isn’t really a fetish, but it’s a weird story. I did this one shoot that was just me talking to the camera and I was supposed to be talking to the camera like it was my male slave. So I was making him eat my underwear and I was sitting on his face while I did my make up. It was very bizarre but it was fun. Everything I’ve done that seems weird at the beginning, I eventually get into. I’m a big pervert at heart which is why I love what I do. I get to work with all these fetishes, like ass smothering. Hold on.

[At this point, there’s an audible knock on a door and I can hear Savannah talking to a hotel maid.]

Sorry about that. I think I just showed the room service lady my vagina, but it’s fine.

You just made that person’s day!
I never wear underwear, but I had a bra on, so I just opened the door without thinking about it.

That is awesome. It’s interesting that you never wear underwear in real life, because some of your hottest videos have you sitting on people faces’ while you have panties or, like, leggings on.
I was married very young and I was only with one person up until four years ago. When I started dating again, the first guy I was with said he loved when girls squirt. And I didn’t know what that was, so he showed me some videos and I was like, “Okay, I can do that.” Then he asked me to do it on his face, and I was like, “On your face?” and he said, “Yeah, sit on my face.” So that was the first time I ever sat on someone’s face like that and I thought it was kinda cool. The person I’m with right now loves, loves, loves being smothered by my ass and I’m more than happy to oblige.


Who makes a better facesitting victim, a man or a woman?
I would say men. But if you can get a woman who is actually into it, it’s very good. Unfortunately, I find it tough to come across girls who have as strong a sex drive as me. Personally, I love women, so when I do videos with them, I always want them to sit on my face. I have a real oral fixation. I’m like a guy. My goal whenever I’m with a girl is for her to say, “Wow, you just fucked me better than any guy ever has in my entire life.”

So you like the ladies, as they say.
Yes! I used to hang with this girl who was a dancer, and we used to have drunk sex for like three nights straight. I’d be fucking her with a Hitachi and she’d be sitting on my face. It was amazing, I absolutely loved her. But it’s rare to find a woman who’s as into it as me. If I think someone’s enjoying what I’m doing to them, it brings me to the next level. Sometimes I’ll make a girl cum and she might tell me she’s done and has to tap out, but I’m so revved up. I just want to keep going.


I was interviewing MaryJean and she said that because her butt is so big and round, she was concerned whenever she sat on someone’s face that she might kill them. I say that’s part of the fun. I love it when a woman’s so into it, she’s actually trying to kill you.
I do remember when I started doing it that I’d be concerned if they could breathe. But then once I got over it, I’d be thinking, “My God, their nose is so far in my vagina, but it feels too good to stop.” You learn to let go of it. [laughs.] I love facefucking people. I just tell them to stick their tongues out and I’ll basically hump them.

I think that may be the greatest thing I’ve ever heard, ever.
[Laughs] I’m not lying. I can grind a face for days.


Not that you need to fight for attention when you have an amazing, 46-inch ass, but do you ever go out of you way to tease the shit out of someone with that booty?
To tell you the truth, I enjoy fucking with people and getting a rise out of them. I really like doing this in the gym, where there are all these guys who are so in love with their muscles and always looking at themselves in the mirror. So I like fucking with them. I’ll give you an example. I was at the gym the other day with my sister and there was this guy she thought was hot. So I said we should go talk to him, and she said, “No I can’t do that,” and I was like, “Fuck that shit.” So I went up to him and just said, “Hi. I’m a porn star. Do you wanna fuck?” He just kinda stared at me and looked me up and down and didn’t know what to make of me. So I said, “When you make up your mind, I’ll be over there.” Then I went over to the mat right next to him and laid down on my back and put one of those big exercise balls between my legs. And then I did this move where I move my legs so the ball is behind my head and my ass is straight up in the air. That’s usually my attention grabbing move right there.

Okay, that’s the greatest thing I’ve ever heard.
My ass provides hours of entertainment. When I was married, I’d be getting ready in the morning, leaning over, putting make-up on in the mirror and my husband would try to see how many things my ass could hold. So he’d come over and stick a hair brush in it and I’d have to shake my ass to get it out. Then he’d put something else on it, like a hair dryer. And so on.

Do you prefer thongs or boyshorts?
I’ll sleep in boyshorts, but mostly, I don’t wear underwear. I need to have my pussy available to me at all times. I have this nice, thick landing strip and I do this thing where — you know how sometimes people with beards will stroke their beard while they’re thinking? I kinda do that with my pussy. Sometimes I even forget I’m in public and I’ll start touching it, then I realize where I am and say, “Oh, fuck.” That’s why I don’t wear underwear.

I just fell in love with you.
Happens all the time.

Ass enthusiasts are encouraged to follow Savannah Fox on Twitter @BigBootyFoxx.



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