Respect the Ass: An Interview with Kendra Lust


Kendra Lust is stunningly beautiful, charming and funny. But for all these positive traits, she’s well aware of the one thing she’s got that garners the most attention: her ass. And sweet jiminy Christmas, does she have an ass. It is large, it is lush, it is round, it is spectacular, and it almost doesn’t make sense on her tiny white girl frame. But there it is.

Mankind could spend years hunkered down with slide rulers and super computers, but chances are we’ll never construct anything quite as perfect. Eager to learn more about what we’re going to call one of the best derrieres on the planet, we reached out to Kendra to ask about the woman behind the booty and, of course, talk all things ass-related.

Lucky for us, she was willing. Even better, she purred and said things like, “I love it,” every time I went off on a tangent about the awesomeness of her rear end. And being kind and tolerant of nerds gives her even more cred in my book.

I’m sure you’ve heard your ass described a million different ways. How would you describe it?
I guess I would say that it’s pretty round. It’s almost shaped like a heart when I bend over certain ways. It’s voluptuous. It’s soft. But it’s perky, too. I think it’s pretty damn good for a white girl. And it’s real!

How do you get an ass like that? Does your regimen include, like, a thousand squats a day?
Honestly, I’ve always had it as long as I can remember. It’s part genetics, part working out. The first time I really noticed my ass was back when I was thirteen. I was on a family vacation and kept wondering, “Why are all these boys looking at my butt?” At that time I thought it was too big for my size and I didn’t like it. But then as I got older, I realized it’s not such a bad thing. In fact, it’s pretty damn good.


When did you realize it could be earning you money?
I first started to take advantage of my curves in college. I was studying to be a nurse and I started dancing at local clubs during my first year to pay for school. I did that for about a year, but then school got crazy with clinicals and I ended up stopping. From there I kept it under the radar and worked as a nurse for seven years. But it was always something I wanted to get back to. At one point I just figured life’s too short to not do what I want to do, so I started doing some cam work and that eventually led to porn. I thought, for lack of a better term, this is one of my assets so I’m gonna try to showcase it.

Is it odd having such a famous ass?
Not at all. It’s my calling card, and pretty much what I’m known for in the business. One time, my girlfriend bit me on the ass and I said, “Oh my god, that’s my moneymaker. You can’t do that.” My mom knows what I do and she was over my house one day as I was getting ready to shower and walking around naked and she said, “Your ass hasn’t changed in years. You need an insurance policy on that thing.” When my fans tell me how much they like my ass, it makes me want to do more videos that they’ll like.


In your opinion, what are the qualities that make up a good female ass?
It has to have a nice round shape. I don’t like a flat ass. And I don’t like it too firm. I like a bit of jiggle. A woman’s ass isn’t supposed to be hard, you should be able to squeeze and squish it in your hands. Not sagging. When I can see a girl in a pair of nice workout shorts and her ass looks good, that tells me a lot. Yoga pants and jeans can hide things. As soon as they come off, things can fall everywhere.

What article of clothes best accentuates your ass?
I’m going to go with my leggings. Those are, hands down, the best. I’m pretty humble but I’m confident. And when I wear leggings, I get a lot of heads turning. And it has to be a certain type of material that just feels and looks like they’re painted on. Mine stretch and hug every curve, and the seam goes right up the ass crack, creating that nice separation between my cheeks. Perfect. Love them.

What is the strangest fetish you’ve encountered regarding your ass?
I don’t think it’s particularly weird, but guys wanting to smell my ass and put their nose right up it was different for me. But, hey, if you love the ass and you want to smell, lick, taste, use all five sense to enjoy it, that’s fine. Whatever floats your boat, man. If you want to smell my ass, go for it. I don’t mind. I’m clean. I’m good.


Thong or boyshorts?
That’s tough. I like wearing thongs but then again I like boyshorts, too. I love thongs, I really do. But I think guys like my booty more in skimpy boyshorts.

Tight jeans or spandex?
I love spandex. I don’t wear a lot of it, but my workout pants are kinda like a spandex material. They don’t shape anything differently, but they’re pretty tight. I like the way they look. Don’t get me wrong, I like a nice pair of hot jeans, but I feel jeans can sometimes be deceiving. What you see in spandex is closer to what you’re gonna get. So I’ll have to say spandex.

Speaking of spandex, you did a video with Ariella Ferrera which was basically both of you working out and her shoving some lucky guy’s face into your ass.
That was a lot of fun to film. I remember thinking, “Yeah, you’re gonna take it and you’re just gonna fucking enjoy it because I said so.” I loved that.


I’ve already decided that’s how I want to die. So when the time comes, can we work that?
::laughs:: I’m not for down for taking people out but we can have a simulated session, sure. I’ll just take you to the edge. I actually enjoy doing the fem-domme stuff. I like those types of films. I think I need to do more of them.

Of all female asses you’ve had on your face, which one was your favorite.
That’s tough, because there’s been a lot and they’re all amazing. I’d say either Rachel Starr or Phoenix Marie. I just really like Phoenix. Something about her.

You posted a twerking Vine with you and Rachel on your Twitter account and it damn near killed me. Do you handle your own tweets or does someone else do those for you?
I do my own Twitter account. It is time consuming, but I love the feedback from fans and try to respond whenever I can. For the Vines, I try to have some fun with them and give viewers the best view of my butt. I try to film them myself or have a girlfriend record them for me to get different angles. But it’s tough sometimes to get it filmed right to give the best view of my butt without some help.

You should hire a fan to film your ass. They’d do it for free. Hell, I’d pay you to hire me.

I have thought about hiring someone or getting an intern, but I’d have to hire someone I’m not attracted to, otherwise I might bone the intern and then that leads to problems.

Who in your opinion makes a better facesitting victim? Men or women?
Definitely a man. Yes, absolutely. For sure. A man all the way.

Can you give us one real-life example of a time you used your ass to tease or torment someone?
I actually did that a lot when I was a nurse. I remember one day I was following some interns and doctors who were making their rounds at the hospital. I kinda dropped a few things on purpose and just had to bend over very slowly to pick them up. I just liked seeing the way it affected them and how they couldn’t stop staring. I guarantee it made an impression on them. A lot of those male interns were a lot nicer to me from there on out.

Here’s something I’ve always wondered: Say you’re filming a porno and you’re sitting on someone’s face and the director calls “cut” or has to stop the action to adjust something, is it proper etiquette to get off the other actor’s face?
We just go with the mood. If you’re licking my ass and really enjoying it and we’re into it, I just keep going. The camera stopping doesn’t mean that I have to.

So where is the best place people can go to see more of your ass?
The best place is my website, They can also follow me on Twitter and my Vine where I post a lot of booty stuff.

Just watch out for the twerking videos, because they could kill a man.
Yes, they can. But hopefully in a good way.



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