Respect the Ass: Cheyenne Jewel


Anyone with even passing interest in this blog (hi, mom) knows that my appetite for the female derriere is both insatiable and the primary reason most companies deem me “unemployable.” And I’m not alone. Ass is the fucking currency that keeps this world spinning, and if you’ve got any doubt about that, just do a quick Vine search for “twerking.” Then check back with me after you’ve spent 1,835 hours flipping through a day’s worth.

Anyway, one of the finest asses anywhere belongs to the great Cheyenne Jewel, who is not only staggering beautiful, but also has her own goddam video store–called “Ass-Phyxiation,” no less–dedicated to facesitting, ass-smothering and everything else that’s part of a complete breakfast.

I recently connected with her for a few fleeting moments and decided to make the most of it, firing off questions regarding her majestic ass. She was kind enough to respond without kicking me in the balls. Because she totally could.

How would you describe your own ass in 5 words or less?
Hard as a rock

What, in your opinion, are the attributes of an amazing female ass?
Many. The look, feel and texture for starters.

What is one article of clothing that you own that best accentuates your ass?

What is the strangest fetish you’ve ever encountered where your ass is concerned?
I don’t know what “strange” is anymore. Maybe butt crack fetish? Otherwise, fart fetish.

You’ve done face sitting videos with both men and women. In your opinion, who makes a better “victim” — a guy or a girl?
Often guys.

What makes you — and your ass — happiest?
Working out.

What’s the best compliment you’ve ever gotten regarding your ass?
There have probably been too many to list here.

What’s your one sure-fire way of using your ass to tease or torment a dude (or woman)?
Lap dancing.

Where can people go to see more of your ass?

I think my face would make a comfortable chair for your ass for a couple hours. Any way to test this theory?
Sure, let’s shoot some videos.

Looks like the ball’s in my court. Thanks again to Cheyenne for her time. And for her ass.


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