Respect the Ass: Jenna


It’s bad enough that XXX model/actress Jenna Salas already has a spectacular, vertigo-inducing derriere–the kind that triggers bar fights and car accidents and forces priests to reconsider their vocation. She had to go and make it even more amazing by putting a tattoo of the famous Rolling Stones tongue logo on the thick curve of her right ass cheek. That’s like telling the world, “Your mouth goes HERE, motherfuckers!”

She even raised the stakes by adding tattoos of red ribbon bows tied with skulls on the back of each thigh, making the thought of her ass backing up toward your face almost overwhelming.

We were mesmerized by her ass on contact. And Jenna was cool enough to discuss her amazing backside with us for another installment of RESPECT THE ASS, provided I stayed at least an arm’s length away from her at all times. I complied.

Can you describe your ass in five words or less?
Spankable, Edible, Fuckable.

I’m guessing there’s a good story behind the Rolling Stones tongue tattoo on your ass?
I got it sometime last summer. It was a very, very wild night and actually a last minute spur-of-the-moment tattoo idea. I’d always wanted a tattoo on my ass to show off of course, but, I didn’t want your typical “lip print on ass” tattoo that most girls have. I wanted something that would set me and my ass apart from the rest! So as I was heading over to the tattoo place, I thought, “OMG THE ROLLING STONES TONGUE! YES! THAT’S IT!” Obviously, I like the Rolling Stones. They’re actually one of my favorite bands. But there isn’t a deep rooted meaning to it all. It was just a rebellious “suck my ass, lick my ass, kiss my ass” tattoo!


In your opinion, what are the qualities that make up an awesome female ass?
Nice, firm, round, juicy, and of course squats. Squats do a booty good! Also, if the girl likes anal it makes the ass all the better.

What article of clothing best accentuates your ass?
Definitely thongs, boy short panties, leggings and shorts.

Have you ever sat on someone’s face while wearing yoga pants or am I the only weirdo into that?
Can’t say that I have. But I have definitely sat on someone’s face in a G-String and bare-assed. That’s for sure.


What’s the best compliment you’ve ever received on your ass?
That my ass is “the best fap material you could ever ask for.” It actually makes me horny to know that people jerk off to my ass. I like knowing that someone out there is masturbating to me and cums because of me.

Can you give us at least one example of a time you used your ass to simply tease the ever-loving fuck out of someone?

I use my ass all the time to tease the ever-loving fuck out of people. It’s my weapon of mass destruction.

I like to tease with photos or videos of my ass. I’ll take pictures of my ass in a thong, lace panties, tight fishnet dresses and nylons. I’ll remove the clothing slowly until I’m wearing nothing at all and take more pictures and video of me crawling on my bed, bouncing my ass, spreading my ass cheeks, touching myself till a guy can’t take it anymore and sends me a photo of his hard-on and tells me to come over and I tell him, “Sorry, I can’t.”

I also like to tease during sex. I’ll arch my ass up in the air like a good little kitty and play with it until he’s about to go in, then start crawling away, teasingly of course, till he just gets fed up with it and grabs me and thrusts into me like the bad girl I am.


Thong or boy-shorts?
Well, since commando isn’t an option, I really like boy-shorts. They make my ass look fabulous and they’re comfortable. I only wear thongs if I’m going to get down and dirty.

Tight jeans or spandex?
Spandex. Shows more of the booty.

If people want to see more of your ass, where can they go?
You can follow me on Twitter or Instagram, where I post a lot of ass and slutty pics. There are also my XXX videos where you can see my ass in action at Top Web Models and Kick Ass Pictures. I also have a Tumblr and a YouTube page. [NOTE: Most of these links are NSFW, duh.]

Last but not least, is there any chance I can talk you into sitting on my face for a couple hours?
I can never deny a chance to suffocate someone with my ass.



  1. Suzyn

    July 23, 2013 at 1:46 pm

    I am a heterosexual woman and I kinda want to bite her ass.

  2. DJ

    May 16, 2016 at 11:38 am

    I want a tongue tattoo on my ass but my ass awesome! !

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