Respect The Ass: Kenya Golden


Man, fuck gravity. Ass is the only thing that keeps this planet spinning.

It’s our currency, our daily bread, and pretty much the only thing that gets me out of bed in the morning. It’s been inspiring people since Shakespeare’s day (as you’ll recall from his classic play, “Her Majesty’s Fucking Incredible Ass”) and if the Ghost of Heavy D has any say, it will continue to control the tides of popular culture long after all of us are dust in the wind.

So what does all of this mean? Hell, I don’t know. It’s really just an excuse for me to launch a new feature here at, where I talk strictly about ass with people who are helping to advance the Cause of Ass and doing their part to keep ass in the public eye.

First up is cam model Kenya Golden, who was blessed with a rear end that launches from the small of her back with such otherworldly curvature that I refuse to believe that she can slide her jeans on without applying for a city building permit. Her ass is Christmas and your birthday all swirled into one. And today, we’re talking about it with her. It’s all ass, all the time, people.

Looking at the photos of your derriere, I almost forget my name. That’s how hypnotic it is. When did you first realize the power of your ass?
I believe the power of my ass comes from how well I shake it. Back when I was a teenager I used to go to house parties and dance with guys. I could feel them getting hard from my awesome ass shaking, so that’s when I realized that my ass has super powers.

In your opinion, what are the characteristics of a great ass (female ass, mind you)?
Well since I am a fan of nice (female) rumps, I have certain qualities I look for. A great ass CANNOT be flat. If I can’t tell where your back ends and the curve of your ass begins then you have what’s called a pancake ass and that is not visually appealing to my eyes. An ass with a little jiggle is fine, too. I’m really not here for firm asses. I know it’s good to be in shape, but I don’t want to be able to bounce a quarter off your ass. That’s not hot.

What’s the best comment/compliment you’ve ever received on your ass?
The best compliment regarding my ass would probably be when a guy says he wants to lick, eat and/or kiss my ass. I’ve had my ass cheeks kissed before but never has anyone licked or “eaten” my ass out. Sounds like fun, though.

Picture 18

What’s your stance on facesitting? Do you find most guys eager to have their face sat on, or are there actually some guys who aren’t into it?
I believe every heterosexual man enjoys a beautiful woman sitting on his face. When I sit on a man’s face, I like to think that my soft ass is giving him a nice facial massage.

Tell me about the types of cam shows you do. I imagine the booty takes center stage?
You are correct. If you ever catch my live shows I am usually shaking my ass or my ass is somewhere in the camera. I actually just purchased a dance pole. This way my fabulous ass shaking is enhanced with pole dance moves which, for my lovely bum, is a pretty epic idea.


What type of clothing do you wear when you want to best accentuate your ass?
I believe a nice pair of shorts, a form-fitting dress or a mini skirt does the trick. I also like wearing loose-fitting sundresses in the summer because they make my ass look round and jiggly.

Can you tell me at least one incredible story of you using your derriere to drive a man damn near out of his mind? I don’t even care if you make it up. I just like hearing women talk about the power of their own asses.
I’ve had two men, complete strangers, on two separate occasions approach me while I was out and offer to buy me a car simply because of my ass. I can also say that the sight of my ass makes some men come really quickly. Those stories may not be “incredible,” but they’re all I got.


If people want a better look at your majestic ass, where can they find you?
To get updates on my live shows you can always follow me on Twitter. I also have a new blog you can check out and get to know me–and my ass–more.

Last question: Would your ass be able to spend a weekend with me in Vegas?
My ass has never been to Vegas but she would love to come visit.




  1. Aaron

    March 8, 2013 at 2:58 pm

    Now THAT is a nice ass. Dayam.

  2. Will-O

    March 8, 2013 at 7:43 pm

    Great pics, great interview. Her ass is amazing!

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