Sadly, by “Yorkie,” Miss Ohio Means “Dog”


Miss Utah is getting all the press from last night’s Miss USA pageant for noting that we, as a society, need to “create education better.”

Definitely a good one. But a rambling, incoherent response from a Miss USA contestant shouldn’t be surprising, especially when, to the best of my knowledge, they aren’t hipped to these questions in advance and can be caught off their game.

Still, a Billy Madison-esque response from the judges would have been spectacular.

That said, the biggest eyebrow raiser of the night for me came from Miss Ohio, as captured in the screencap at the top of the page. Being told that a Miss USA contestant has a “passion” for “playing with her” ANYTHING is the kind of personal factoid I want to know about.

And, man, I never wanted “yorkie” to be secret code for “vag” in my life.

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