Why Sex Is Actually Good For You

Sex is entertaining, exciting, and pleasurable. It is a natural desire in the human race to seek out sex, so it’s no surprise that it occupies a lot of people’s thoughts. What you may not know is that sex is really beneficial to your health and may make you a happier person. Here are some of the reasons.

Stress Reduction
Sex lowers blood pressure and alleviates stress symptoms. It’s an instant effect; your cortisol (stress hormone) levels will drop, and your serotonin (happy hormone) levels will increase, leaving you feeling great. It’s also a long-term issue; if you have sex more often, your responses to stressful circumstances will be a lot less severe, and you’ll not just be calmer in general, but you’ll be able to take a step back and evaluate the situation better.

It’s Fun
Sex with the right person can be a really fun experience as you explore new things with a different individual, releasing the aforementioned happy hormone along the way. Additionally, there are multiple different ways to have sex, meaning that each encounter you have can be different from the last, with that variety keeping it fun. To continue having fun sex, you could consider using the services from Playgirls to enhance your experience.

Increased Immunity
Because there are so many diseases and illnesses that can assault your immune system, it often needs all the assistance you can give it. Having sex once or twice a week is one method that should improve your immunity. This amount of sexual activity results in an increase in immunoglobin A (IgA), an antibody. Its duty is to keep your body safe from diseases like colds. Surprisingly, individuals who had sex three or more times per week had the same amount of immunoglobin as those who abstained. Once or twice seems to be the ideal quantity.

Burning Calories
Sex, like any other type of exercise, burns calories. A half-hour of intercourse burns about 85 calories. That may not seem to be much, but it is much superior to not burning any calories at all.

Beneficial To The Heart
The heart is a muscle that must be protected at all costs, and sex is one way to do it, according to a large amount of research that has been done. Although some individuals fear that having sex with someone who has a weak heart would do them more harm, the reverse is true since sex promotes circulation, which causes the heart to function at its best. Those who have sex once or twice a week may cut their risk of dying in half from a heart attack.

Beneficial To Self-Esteem
The world can be a horrible place for people who have poor self-esteem. They may feel dissatisfied and unproductive, and they could lose out on a variety of opportunities because they do not believe they are good enough; this means they won’t even try for things in life that could improve it and them. Having sex can improve self-esteem, making it much simpler for people to thrive in the real world; they will be more willing to try new things and take chances.

Improved Sleep
When you achieve orgasm, your body generates the hormone oxytocin, which promotes restful sleep. You are less prone to some cancers, anxiety, heart problems, obesity, type II diabetes, and a variety of other ailments and illnesses if you get adequate sleep, plus you’ll generally be more productive in life when you sleep well. It’s clear that the better you sleep, the better your life will be.

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