Sexy Slot Games For Couples


There’s no better relationship than one where you both have one or several common interests you can enjoy. If one of those includes a mutual love of gambling, then there’s no reason you both can’t make it spicy and fun when it comes to the bedroom area. New casino slot games ranging across different genres keep popping up every day on casino sites like Slots Baby and you’ll be happy to know that there are several freaky slots for you and your special someone to choose from.

Sexy themed slots range across 3 categories; tame, wild and extra wild. The thing everyone wonders about going in is just how erotic the games are. An example of Slots in the ‘Tame’ category includes Playboy Hot Zone by Bally’s.The words ‘Playboy’ and ‘tame’ have probably never been used in one sentence until now.

The slot doesn’t feature any nudity or anything sexual. It has cartoonish graphics and popular Playboy symbols like the bunny, Hef with two of his beloved bunnies and more. The “hottest” part of this slot machine is the hot zones where portions of the reels move independently of the game icons and overlap and create instant wilds which leads to bigger wins.

Slots like Scandinavian Babes by Play’n Go feature in the ‘Wild’ category. If you didn’t get the gist of the game from the title alone, then the opening video will set everything straight. The game features several gorgeous babes dancing as a part of a stage show. If you match them successfully across the reels, you win. The game includes a special bonus round where you get to pick from a trio of different dancers- each holds an instant prize. Scandinavian Hunks is this slot’s sibling. ‘Extra Wild’ slot examples include Twerk, Forbidden Chamber, Sex On The Beach, etc.
Why would you want to give these a try?

Curiousity: you want to see just how erotic these games can get and there’s nothing wrong with that. Doing it for the first time with your partner can prove to be an interesting and fun experience for both of you. It makes for one hell of a memory too.

Gameplay: so how does a racy online slot work? In the same way the usual genres do, but with the concept of sex. It’s intriguing to see what elements developers have added- what players need to do to win free spins, what wild symbols are here, bonus features, etc.

Trying something new: when it comes to keeping the relationship spark alive, there’s a lot of redundant things you could do and then there’s crazy unique things like playing sexy online slots at Slots Baby together. The magic of things can always be found in the little things.

Next time you and your partner shouldn’t have to settle for a boring night together if you can both do something sexy and memorable like playing these slots. You can create challenges for each other to make it more fun like stripping down with each loss, physical contact or anything else that fits with the theme of the night.

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